photo Shoot 2018 

  Photography by: 

  Nancy Dadio 


Those that know me would tell you that in between writing, and working as a Master Boat Captain every summer, I take weekend get-a-ways, and manage to make time to take a couple of weeks off and take a cruise on my boat, Out ‘N’ About. She's a 34.5-foot seaworthy power sports cruiser that has taken me too many places and provided me with wonderful experiences. We take care of one another. The best part is, she doesn’t yell at me. Boating is my passion and my escape. Everyone needs an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you're far enough offshore you learn quickly, that no matter how loud anyone yells from land, or how high they jump, you can’t see or hear them. During those times you are at one with God and the sea. Your heart, mind, and soul, are as one.  You appreciate all the wonderful gifts God has given us to behold. You have a sense of freedom and peace that runs on your clock.


I have visited many seaports along the East Coast and have met fascinating and interesting people. Boaters all share the same passion and desire to escape. In those moments, we leave our life, drama, and troubles behind.  As a boat captain, I have the opportunity to operate many different types of vessels and meet a wide variety of people. You learn a great deal about life by talking with others. The sunrise and sunsets are breathtaking. Each seaport holds a special meaning. The feel of the wind and the smell of the salt air cleanses the soul. The challenge of navigating rough waters makes you feel alive. Every one of your senses is heightened. You appreciate all you have been gifted with as these experiences provide ideas for your future. In my 37 years of boating, I have learned that when I retire, I want to live on a larger boat in an area where I can travel to different places and meet new people. Enjoy life, and keep writing. As part of my "Master Plan," you know the one, we all have one. This season, I decided it was time to sell my 15-year-old best friend and prepare to buy my next boat next year. As sad as it was to see her leave port under a new name with a new captain at the helm, I knew it was time. My next one will be a 50 to 60-foot boat. I dedicate this page to everyone who has a dream and passion. Everyone who takes the time to partake and experience the things in life they love. We only have one life we know of. Take time to enjoy your passions. Life is not a single moment. It's a series of many moments when added together, give you your life. Embrace each one. Life's moments are denied to many. Enjoy - CJR


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