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The Best Blog Post You Will Ever Read .....

Interesting title don't you think? This may be a bit lengthy, but please take the time,m it's worth it. Let's talk about two things. Myths, and Concepts. The Myth is, Authors get rich. Maybe years ago when books were 30 or 40 dollars are more to buy. But with technology and digital books, the prices have come down to what I consider quite reasonable for readers. But we don't get rich. It takes many books and time to make money. One book costs thousands to get it out to people. Selling 2 or 3 thousand copies, doesn't come close for the publisher and Author expenses to even break even. My point. Every Author's goal is to make the BEST SELLER LIST. Okay, I did that 15 years ago, but I still always hope a book will make a best seller list. Comes with the job. But what is a best seller? Is it the one time wonder that hit the list and no one ever hears of it again? Or, is it the book that generates consistent sales over time? I think the answer is quite clear. This brings us to concepts. Every writer has to have a concept, a plan, something that ties it all together. My concept speaks to what I write about. In the books you see photos in this post, it's the concept of learning. I've said many times these are a three book series. Why? Each book leads you into the next, the next concepts I want to discuss. So we walk, we stand, than we run. Interesting concept right? So how do my book relate to people? First we need to understand people. NO ONE, and I mean no one, can forge a path for their future unless they first have learned from their past, and than understand their path. This is been proven time and time again through history, and yes, think about it, your own personal life. It's been this way for hundreds of years, and will stay that way for hundreds more. Why? Easy question. Because it's due to the one thing we can't change. The one thing that every single person on this tiny planet shares. We are all born with it. It's called "THE HUMAN CONDITION". That doesn't mean we're stuck with it. The innovators have learned to master it, can forge the path to their future, and be quite successful at it. Others, which are the vast majority simply cannot for many other reasons which are discussed throughout all three books. A process, a learning process that will help you to master the human condition. Look at your successes, your failures, your short comings. We ALL have had them. Have you changed, or do you still make the same mistakes? This is my concept, my idea, my path to forging my future and hopefully yours. The most important thing any writer can do, that so many do not, it put themselves out there. How can I expect you to purchase my books when you know nothing about me? I can't, so learn me, learn and read about the concepts of the human condition and how to make them work for you. Than move forward and forge your successful path. Thank you. ... Caesar

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