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Why did I write WHO ARE THE HEROES? If you think of those helping in Texas, that should tell you why. For those not in the military, EMS, Police, or Fire service, and yes, there are also other dangerous jobs. How many times do you go to work and when your called upon, DON'T KNOW IF YOU WILL GET KILLED OR COME HOME? Think about that. Some facts you should be aware of. These numbers are approximate, and do NOT include volunteers. Those numbers are just not accurate enough to report.

As of 2014, they were over 242,000 pre-hospital care workers in the USA.

As of 2014, there were 1,134,400 Firefighters in the USA

As of 2014, there were over 1.2 million Police Officers, and those that also had general arrest powers in the USA.

As of 2014, there were over 1.4 million individuals serving in all branches of the armed forces, not including reservists, or National Guard. From 1776 - 2012, over 40 million people have served in our armed forces.

As of this date, I am sure those numbers are higher. As of 2016, there were over 323 million people in the United States. Do the math. That's a lot of people to take care of or may need help. This also does not take into account the number of volunteers in public service. This is why I wrote WHO ARE THE HEROES. They risk it all everyday they work, every time they respond to a call, and frankly, they deserve the respect to be know. For people to understand what makes a hero, where they come from, and why they do it, you have to learn about them all. This book is a tribute to all heroes. Learn about them so when you hear of one passing in the line of duty, they are not just a name you forget until the next news broadcast. God Bless America. Purchase WHO ARE THE HEROES by clicking on the following link.

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