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Excerpt for The Soul In Our Hearts ....

Your mind, your heart and your soul. Do you really know the difference between them? Can you really separate them, lose the conflict, and after looking at it, put them all back together in a situation you now can control? Don't be so quick to say yes because you don't. The fact is, most can't, and don't know the difference. In The Soul In Our Hearts, this is one of many concepts you will learn to identify with. Learn to make them work for you, rather than against you. Purchase it here ......

"Everything has a purpose. We may not know what that purpose is until things unfold, or we may never know. A problem exists when we feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes that light is so far away you can’t see it. Other times, it is so bright it feels like it is right in front of you. You need to think positive. You need to believe that things will move forward. You need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that you can overcome and solve these issues. Like going to the gym and working out, many people quit because they don’t see instant results. Some things in life will have instant results, or give us instant gratification, but not all things will. If you stick with it and start to see results, than you get motivated.

Another key word. Motivation. You have to be motivated. You have to have the ability to visualize the end result or the end result you are working towards before you get to it. That is your goal. You need to keep moving towards your goal. Easier said than done? You are correct. This is where your mind, your desire, and your heart, need to be in unison. Your mind should give you the control to do what you need to do. Your heart, which in this case refers to your desire, will get you there. When everything is in sync, you will not fail.

Failure is a tricky word. Do we ever really fail? If you try your best at something, and you aren’t successful, did you fail? You didn’t fail if you gave it your best. You only fail when you haven’t given something your best, or seen it through. People call themselves failures. I see it as more of a lack of motivation, will power, or heart. Many sports figures are chosen by teams because they have heart. By heart, I’m referring to their desire to achieve and not give up. You either have heart in what you are doing or you don’t. You can teach someone to be better at a task, but you can’t teach them to have heart."

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