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If you're afraid of what others will think about what you say, don't become a writer. If you're writing to become rich, don't become a writer. If you have something to say, it's truth, reality, and factual, write about it. You need to become a writer when you can wake up everyday and thing about what your next book will be, when during the day you see something that effects you and you write it down to see where it might fit later, when your willing to take constructive criticism without getting mad, and when your spirit moves you can sit for hours and develop thoughts, concepts, do research and have the wildest imagination in the world. Now it's time to become a writer. Whether it be fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, thrillers, crime novels, romance, sex, and the list goes on. Choose you poison and make your end goal to be the best YOU can be. Not better than others. No matter what you do in life, if you are the best you can be at it, than you are the best. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and be sure to visit my website Meanwhile, this little picture tells it all and applies to everything you do in life. Get a copy of my new release Balancing The Scale and learn how it all comes together.

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