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Memories ... A "SPECIAL" blog post and funny story.

I rarely share an experience on Social Media, mostly because my private life is just that. Private, plus it spoils my reputation. However, today I just want to because I can., and it's a memory that every man and woman has experienced in their own sense. There are many special things in life. I think one of the more special things are memories. Of course the're not all good, but for the most part for most, they are good. Today started out to be what should have been an easy day. Of course when you have that, Mr. Murphy visits and spoils that plan, so mine turned into a shit show very early, like by 6:30 am. It's now done. On my way back to my home I was listening to Sirius FM the 70's channel. That was a great era in time for artist's and music in general as it produced many great songs and artists. It forged a path to great things. More great artists and more great songs as music developed. I was young, or should I say for political correctness, much younger.

While driving home a song came on that LITERALLY stopped me in my tracks. I actually had to stop and just listen to it. Mandy by Barry Manilow. A classic hit in anyone's eyes no matter what your age. I've never met any woman that doesn't love that song, no matter what their age. So here's the deal. I already said I was young. While listening to this song I just smiled. Understand, I have always been friendly and outgoing. I could then, and now, talk to anyone about anything. I wasn't the type that was ever afraid to speak my mind, and have a good conversation. And yes, before I "grew up," a good argument. I was never the type to start a fight, but also never walked away from one either. I could ask a girl to dance while all the other guys just sat down wanting to. My thought process was simple. What can they say, no? All the others guys sat on their asses so it was a win/win. Intimidation was never an option for me. UNTIL .....

Being a younger man at the time, I had the most wicked crush on this girl. OMG .... I mean I had it BAD! I had NEVER experienced that before, so this was my first experience. Of course I would never ask anyone how to handle it, especially my mother and father. Let's face it, I was young. Come on guys, we go from puberty to manhood over night. We completely skip our teenage years. This all happened when Mandy was released in 1971. So here I am, at a dance, she was there hanging out with the girls. You know, all grouped in the corner waiting for someone to ask them to dance. It looked like the huddle for an NFL football team. No pressure there right? The girl was there, I was there, the song was on, and I was going for it. Sink or swim, it was happening. So off I went to a group of 8 or so girls. I knew a lot of kids because I played sports and was in a high school fraternity, but this was way different. I didn't know this girl. Definitely part of the "elite squad" in the looks department. When you walk up to a group of girls like this, you feel like your walking into the gas chamber. Every eye is on you from when you make the first step towards them.

There's one trick. Clearly one you could have learned from John Travolta in the movie Grease, but that hadn't even come out yet. So you were on your own. The trick was you had to be "COOL." Guys, you know the drill and how that works. So you strut your stuff on over, try not to make a total fool of yourself because your nervous as hell. Most times before you even get the nerve to do it, the song is over. NOT THIS TIME. This opportunity would probably never present itself again. So nervous as hell, over I went. Trying not to trip on my feet on the way over. I popped the question, and we had a great dance. And quite a few after as well. I love to dance. So that was the memory that came back to me when I heard this song so I just had to listen, reflect, smile, than laugh at myself. Laughing is excellent medicine, even more so when you could laugh at yourself. So let me tell you from experience. NEVER discard your memories. When that moment hits, and you have one, embrace it and treasure it. It's part of what made you who and what you are today. Have a great day. ..... CJR

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