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Pornography on Social Media

Thank you Sharon from Ca. for the request of this topic. I was planning to write a post about it as well. Some think what I am about to comment on is a violation of someones rights. If so, I am sorry you feel that way. The real question is, when do rights cross the line and become damaging to society?

First let me say I don't want to hear the argument that cell phones and computers have to choice of using parental controls. The studies show that less than 20% of parents implement them. As a public figure, I receive many follow requests on my different social media sites. I follow many as a courtesy. No one should ever think they are better than others that they can't extend simple courtesies. Every social media site the use has the option to mute someone, or not see every post. Does anyone think for one minute someone who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter reads each of their posts? So let's be real. However, I also block on average of 20 to 25 people per week. When I look at their profile, if the first thing I see is a woman's breasts, or other private parts, of a man or woman, or them engaged in a sexual act of any kind, sorry. That is not for me. I block them. I will not have my name, accounts, or reputation associated with those types accounts.

With that said, what people do in the privacy of their own home is their choice. However, when they make it public, they are crossing a line that questions values, morality, and a host of other issues. An adult can choose what they want to see and what they do not want to see. Children will not. When something is public, it is just that. PUBLIC. Anyone can see it. What message are people sending out to our youth? What values and morals are they being taught? How about the word NONE! I have no desire, and most do not have the desire, to see two people humping one another on a social media needs feed. Especially our own. We must ask ourselves, shouldn't this type of display not be allowed on social media sites? In this writers opinion YES! This has nothing to do with the 1st. Amendment. It has to do with what is socially acceptable.

Those accounts should be banned or shut down. As adults, we all have a responsibility to not only ourselves, but when we make something public, we also have a responsibility to others. ESPECIALLY our youth. I realize much of this is a matter of personal choice. I may not like it, others may. The point of this blog post is that certain topics need to be look at globally, not individually. We need to ask certain question:

1. What effect does it have on others?

2. Is it morally right? (more on this coming)

3. Should it even be allowed?

4. How do we justify to our children what they might see?

5. How does it effect those with mental disorders? (more on this coming)

In closing, let me address item #2 and #5. Is it morally right? You must understand that what is considered morally correct is not a constitutional issue. It is what SOCIETY in general feels is morally acceptable. 86% of society feels this type of pornography on social media sites or in any form of public display is NOT morally acceptable. Therefore, the answer to item #2 is NO. It is NOT morally right.

With regards to item #5, these types of displays can cause those with mental sexual disorders to trigger whatever it is they do. This is a form of mental illness. What actions they take due to that illness does not make the actions right. However, people with these disorders that are exposed to this could cause them to react to it. Many times that reaction is not a good one.

Summary: Taking all of this into account, and yes, I can go on and on with data, statistics and opinions, but to summarize this topic; it does cause more harm than good on many levels. In different ages groups, social groups, religious beliefs, and medical conditions. I ask you, WHY IS IT ALLOWED TO CONTINUE with all the potential harm it can do?

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Thank you .... CJR

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