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"How Texting Can Destroy You"

Texting. The new age weapon. Texting serves many purposes. The younger generation lives by texting. Let's look at some figures.

1. In the last ten years texting has increased by 7,700 %

2. Over 560 Billion texts are sent worldwide every month

3. As of 2017, 15,200,700 texts are sent every minute worldwide

4. As of 2017, 913,242,700 texts are sent worldwide every minute

5. 97% of Americans adults text weekly.

I think I showed the popularity of texting. For the full statistics click on this link:

If you check that site, the numbers will astound you. You are probably wondering how texting can destroy you. I am not going to discuss distracted driving. I think that one speaks for itself. Simply put, DON'T DO IT. I am referring to more of the personal reasons. We now live in a fast paced, and higher tech world. History tells us that growing to fast to just as dangerous as not growing fast enough. More opportunity is great, but also comes with a price when abused. I have one question to ask you. Think about this. Forget if you are in a meeting or in public for a moment.


There are a variety of reasons. Here are a few:

1. You are not where you are supposed to be, or said you would be. Texting allows for no background noise that would get you caught.

2. Maybe you are with someone you are not, or should not be with. Shame on you.

3. It avoids face to face conversation. Have you ever had a relationship end via text? That person has no guts.

4. It is easier to say things you may not otherwise say if you were in person. Grow a set.

5. If the conversation gets heated, you simply do not answer.

These are just a few. However, they all lead to mistrust. They all lead the other person to WONDER. That is never healthy in any relationship. Family, friend, or otherwise. Whenever there is doubt, there are problems. I know many of people who have been caught in difficult positions due to lack of trust. I know a girl who was seeing someone. They were texting. He claimed he was home. He knew another girl was trying to hit on him and knew where she lived. Her friend drove her by the other girls house. As they were texting he was explaining that he was enjoying just relaxing at home while she saw in car parked outside of the other girl's house. BUSTED!

Another way texting can destroy you is how words can be easily misunderstood. Part of effective communications is the sound and inferences in a person's voice, as well as facial expressions, and how they look, or are not looking at you when they speak. None of that can be evaluated in a text, therefore, a message can be easily misunderstood. I have experienced that myself. When you have a text conversation, to leave it to chance that everything you say will be understood the way you meant it, especially if you are not a good communicator, or have trouble putting your thoughts into words to express yourself. Basically, there is no other reference point. These may seem like minor things, but over time, they are not. Texting had led to people dying from distracted driving, relationships, marriages, and other things have come to an end because of it. Countless arguments occur because when you are out with someone, all they are doing is texting with their friends. I knew a couple that had the texting bug so bad, they would text one another while they were in the same house. AMAZING.

I don't want you to think I am bashing texting. I am not. Texting has it's place. For example:

1. To send a quick message,

2. A sensual picture or message to someone you miss,

3. A way to communicate if you are in a meeting or other place you can't take a call.

Those are just a few. What they have in common is, they a brief. They are not taking the place of face-to-face human interaction. Most things in proper moderation are healthy. Going overboard is never healthy and rarely has a positive outcome. So many use texting to escape being in or around a situation they prefer not to be involved with. The moral of this post is awareness. I know you all know these things. However, do you think about them and the issues they can cause? I am betting not. I am betting you use the platform as a way out. How many times have you heard a friend say, "I checked their phone when they weren't in the room." When anyone has to do that, there are trust issues. RELATIONSHIPS NEVER SURVIVE WHEN THERE ARE TRUST ISSUES. Yes, texting can be destructive when not used properly. It is always your choice. This post is just to bring some issues to your attention.

In closing, be smart and wise. Do not get lost in technology. Do not fall into the trap that so many are in by relying so heavily on a platform that can and does cause so many problems. The only one that benefits in the end, is you. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. You can also follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - caesarrondina, - and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Feel free to browse the site while you are hear. Any topic requests can be sent to me via this site by slecting the CONTACT tab in the main menu.

Thank you ... CJR

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