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"The Art of The Word."

The art of the word is a topic about perception and how words are perceived and used. It is an interesting topic with regards to how our communications are affected by how we perceive words. This week is a video blog post. Simply click on the image to be directed to the post. Please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to our blog notification mailing list. Your information is not shared or sold. Follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - @caesarrondina, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Please feel free to browse my website.

Book 1 in the murder mystery series "Life Through A Mirror" is now available on all major outlets in print, audiobook, and e-book. "A Woman's Fear is a book about female abuse in all forms. including emotional, physical, sexual, and domestic violence abuse, as well as child abuse. The theme of this book is prevention, awareness, and how to recognize the signs. It is a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story. The stories told or stories from actual women who have experienced these types of abuse, survived them and are healing. Also, there are many stories of real life situations I was involved with during my 30 years as a road paramedic. No names, locations, or dates are ever referred to in order to protect the privacy of those who were brave and courageous and shared their stories to try to help others. Pre-Orders will be available in December 2019 for a January 7th. 2019 release.

Independent book review wrote, "The Author has great insight into this topic. A heartbreaking yet heartwarming book." Thank you .... CJR

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