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"Holiday Stress"


"Tis' the season." As we say goodbye to the Thanksgiving holiday, we start to welcome in the Christmas holiday season. During the month of December, some faiths celebrate their beliefs at different times during the month. However, this is not of post about faith, rather, it's a post about the stress the holiday seasons brings, regardless of your faith. How about BLACK FRIDAY? Can anyone believe what happens at stores that day? I was watching the news over last weekend and couldn't help but laugh. People go nuts that day, and the stores love it,, however, those that get injured ... well ... not so much.

How many of you remember the days when holidays were about friends and family? Gifts were about the thought that went into them not the money that was spent on them? Okay, I get it. For many stores, this is make it or break it for next years survival. However, have we lost the true meaning of the holidays? Has this caused additional stress? Another question for you might be, how about the days when you sat and ate for hours, socialized for more hours, and weren't stressed. Everyone pitched in and had a great time. Do you think those days are gone?


What is the present? I don't believe anyone knows, but in the opinion of this writer, the one common denominator in the present day of holiday seasons is stress. Why is that?

  • Money - people don't have it and most put themselves in a great deal of debt that takes them a year to pay it off just to do it again the following year. Gifts are judged by what is spent, not the thought behind them.

  • Time - Decades ago most families were one income families. There was more time to prepare for a holiday, and the emphasis was on family time. Loving and laughing.

  • Family - Families are more spread out these days. Often times they cannot be together for a holiday. This also adds to stress. Especially for those families that have children in the service.

  • Gift comparison - This is huge in our youth. Who's boyfriend bought their girl the better gift. Mine is bigger and better than yours, and he or she spent more on me that yours did on you. So now the words I love you now is defined by how much is spent. Maybe that's why 48% of first marriages end up in divorce within the first year.

I have said this so many times. Stress is the route of most evil. It is a know fact that continued stress leads to many medical conditions, but during the holiday seasons, it can be the deal breaker between having an enjoyable holiday or not. Who doesn't like who. The family arguments. on the day of the holiday. The biggest myth is that everyone else except for you has the perfect family, and enjoy the perfect holidays. Did you know that less than 10% of families fall into that category? Yes, this is the real world, not a TV show. Most families suffer from a degree of dysfunction. It is not a fault. it is perfectly normal. After all, we are all human. However, holiday stress can be greatly decreased. As with everything else, first you need to decide you want to do that and have a less stress free holiday. For this writer, that is always my goal, and am quite successful at it. It takes a little time to figure out what works for you, but you can do it.

I mentioned black Friday shopping. The frenzy is real. The damage is real. The injuries people receive are real. However, is it necessary? Black Friday has been around for decades, and for some reason years ago, people didn't trample themselves o buy a gift. Has commercialism taken away from the spirit of the holiday season? These questions are not a new rodeo, they have been being asked for years. The issue is, people. Not the system. No one can blame a store for running a great sale. However, people themselves have changed. People are more competitive, they save a buck, even at the risk of injuring others. This further adds to the stress.

Summary: Is there holiday stress, and is it real? You bet it is. Somehow through the stress, people are relatively successful in making the best of the holiday and surviving the process. Please feel free to leave a comment below. You can follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - @caesarrondina, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. While you are here, feel free to browse the site. Thank you... CJR

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