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What Is It With The World Today?

What the heck is the state of the world, or even the country for that matter? Can we trust what we hear on the news? Without pointing a finger, or fingers, and mentioning media networks, I think we all agree that there is still some bias in reporting. Why do I say that, because you can watch different networks and hear a different twist to a story. That is not to say the information is wrong, it does mean that it can be perceived differently by those viewing. People also need to take into account that some reporting sources, mainly internet sources, clearly state they are conservative vs. liberal, or left vs. right. All these things we need to consider. Our President is convinced his message is not expressed clearly by the media, therefore, he tweets a great deal. Some see that as non-presidential. However, has there ever been such controversy about a single president before? Therefore, that is his way of getting what he believes is his true message across.

Confusion: That's the main word. That is what the state of our country and the world is in. The most interesting thing I find is what scares so many. What will Russia do, what is Russia doing? Borders, interference, hacking, etc. What most people forget, is that our country can do as much in return as we get, and possibly more. WWIII. That's is everyone's concern. I believe there will never be a WWIII with a large country. It makes sense, when the super powers can destroy each other, and the world in general, they will not be that stupid. It is the smaller countries where those concerns are. This is why nuclear regulations for these countries is paramount. Obviously these subjects go much deeper than a blog post can get into. The purpose of to bring some understanding to the confusion.

Truth: I have a saying about the truth. "The truth is the hardest thing to talk about because most people do not want to face it." However, the truth is the truth. No matter how far you run from it. Let me give you example. Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one. In this writers opinion, no illegal immigrant that has a family, has been here years, and have been paying taxes, should not be deported, rather, their citizenship should be expedited. However, easier said than done. Whose fault is that? Frankly, it is the citizens of our country, not the government. Before you through the rotten tomatoes at me, let me explain. TO investigate all these people takes time, and yes; MONEY. Money we simply do not have. The reason we don;t have it is partly due to misspending, but also because how high can out taxes go? Everyone complains now our taxes are to high. Here is a great analogy. Ecologists complain when the power companies want to remove trees that are close to power lines. However, they are the first to complain when their power is out for days when those same trees fall and take down the power lines. You can't have it both ways.

Let's look at another example. When we look at the violence in some of our major cities. Believe it or not, that is easier to control than most people think, but it takes money. Money to have a police force large enough to deal with the problem. However, again. that costs money. money the cities do not have, and the tax payers will not tolerate more tax increases. Everything in life comes down to money. You cannot fix problems without it, but how much do you burden the tax payers, by the way, these are the same taxpayers who do not what more taxes, but complain about the problem. Even if you got rid of all the wasteful spending, there would still not be enough money. Where does it end?

Good Question: That's a great question. The answer is, it doesn't. It hasn't for decades and longer, and will not change now. The data and statistics prove that out every year. The number of things that would have to change are massive, but first to have to have the personnel to get it done. Get those people who can work working so they do not have to be on state and federal aid. They complain that immigrants are taking our jobs, but they are mostly jobs they would not do themselves. A very complex situation. One that will not change anytime soon. NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT.

In Closing: The answers are not simple, nor are they easy. They will take a great deal of time to fix. However, I think there needs to some fixing at all levels. Including the day to day working people. High level corporate salaries and bonuses, spending money on perks to reduce tax liabilities. It's not illegal, but it is the legal business game. So many things must change to obtain balance. Where will it start and when? It's anyone's guess. We van spend years pointing the finger, blaming this agency or the next. The system is broken and in need of major repair. That is where anything that is broken needs to start in order to fix it. At the basics. Follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - @caesarrondina, Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Please feel free to comment below. Thank you... CJR

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