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If You Have An Opinion; Express It!

Opinions are like rear ends. Everyone has them. The problem is, not everyone expresses them. There are many reasons for this. I invite you to watch my video blog post this week on expressing opinions. Are you the type that has an opinion and is either fearful of expressing it, or simply does not express it at all? This post can help. On another note, "A Woman's Fear is selling quite well as it gains more exposure in various woman's magazine's, and other outlets resulting in global sales. I am very proud to have written this book. Also, the second book in the Life Through A Mirror murder mystery series, "Life Through A Mirror-The Battle Rages On will be available for purchase next week. The first in this series came in as the top best murder mystery books. No need to search the major outlets to find my books. If you wish to review and possibly buy one of my books, you can CLICK HERE. We have designed this page to make it easy for you to link directly to my books Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Audible, or one of our publishers bookstores to purchase a book. We also show you what is coming next. There are a wide variety of books that cater to the desires of my readers. Self-Help books, Murder Mysteries, Informational topics, and now coming later this year, a love story. Follow me on Facebook - CaesarRondinaAuthor, Twitter - @caesarrondina, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. I write my own blog posts, social media posts, and answer an questions that come to be through my website personally because writing is personal.

Thank you for your continued support. Click on the image below to be directed to the video blog post. - Caesar Rondina

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