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And Tomorrow Is Voting Day


And tomorrow is voting day. We all survived another controversial election year. 2020 alone has been a crazy year. A year filled with numerous life changes due to an unexpected virus. A virus that would challenge any administration. A year filled with accusations, different medical opinions, loss of employed, businesses closing, prote4sts, rioting, looting, and increased violence. A year where two political parties were at continuing odds with one another. And yes, a year where this political division has caused increased stress and misfortune on the American people. A year where a President could start to bring peace in the middle east that has been at war for decades, but yet, in four months, politicians could not agree on a stimulus bill that could help so many that are struggling. One might say if you had your health during 2020, it was a good year. You are breathing and have a heartbeat. That alone is something to be thankful for. However, as much as medical science faced the grind of trying to find a cure for a virus that has stricken the world, even that, along with advancements in therapeutics, as well as the PPE production and ventilator production, our politicians still attack one another during a time when they should not be divided. Was 2020 a good year, well, that's a matter of opinion. Like most years, there were many good things, as well as many not so good things. A year when once again, the American people could not trust the news media.


I've said this so many times because I believe it to be true. Voting is so important. It's the one time you have a chance to make a difference, or at least try to. However, what needs to be considered? REMEMBER, you don't eat, sleep, or socialize with either candidate. How well they smile is meaningless. I believe, at least for me, when I vote, I vote for the individual whose policies align with what I would like to see for our country. I will not write and bash Trump or Biden. They both have their strengths, and both have their weaknesses. Every person does. I look at their record. And in this case, we have 4 years of Trump to evaluate, and although Biden has 47 years in politics, we only really know him for his 8 years a Vice President. Each candidate will knock the other. Point out their bad points as they see them. Those are the keywords. AS THEY SEE THEM. Someelse's things they point out are factual, and others, opinion. I am not one to base a decision or make a choice on someone eles's opinion. I look at the facts and form my own. There are two key questions to consider.

  1. Are we better off today than we were four years ago?

  2. Whose policies do you agree with more?

Those two things really narrow down the field. We also must realize that it is hard for any President to fix everything in one term, although, and this is my opinion, Trump has fixed many things and instituted a great many things in one term. Did that show you that he deserves a second term? Only you can decide that.


No matter what happens in life, it is human nature to blame someone. However, when placing blame, you must be fair. For example, regardless of who the President was at the time, COVID-19 is not the fault of any President, and the President can only provide science the tools and resources they need to get their job done. No one has control of how long that will take. As for the spread, or continuing spread of the virus, some of that could be controlled by politicians based on their policies. However, they do not shoulder all the blame. The majority of that blame sits with us, the people. Those that ignore the guidelines. It has been argued that certain things such as mask-wearing, is a personal choice. MAking it mandatory has also been challenged as a violation of a person's rights in the constitution. Only people and businesses can police themselves. Yes, our local governments can monitor what they see in public, but not in the privacy of a person's home. People are frustrated and tired. Let's call is COVID wear. People do not do well with change, especially the change required during this medical crisis. They want to get back to normal. The way their life used to be. For that to happen, people must remain disciplined, and many are not. Don't always be in such a hurry to blame one person. I watch both Trump and Biden speak. Biden knocks Trump for the way he handled the virus, yet, his plan to handle it is no different. It's all in how something is worded.


Another topic that could go on and on. In today's world, a world that is filled with opinionated news media, you must do some of your own research, and again ask yourself the two questions I listed earlier. In my closing remarks, I will state my opinion. I usually am very limited on that because I like my posts not to reflect personal views on the topics I discuss, rather, I try to stick to the facts because the facts are the truth. If you take any topic and resent it to ten people, they will view it in ten different ways. Now, take the election. That is viewed in millions of different ways. However, if you are a person who looks at the facts, that leaves only one way to look at things. If you are a person that votes for someone solely because you like them as a person then the facts have little meaning. When you do not base your choices on the facts, you may have just made the most detrimental choice of your life. No President makes the right decision every time because no man or woman is perfect. Did you know that statistics show that 1% of every decision a person makes will be wrong? That's why we call it human error.


Tomorrow we vote. Personally, I think anyone who votes early is doing an injustice to themselves, however, I respect their choice. Anything at any time can change. Once you vote early, you cannot take it back. I do believe in absentee ballots when necessary for the right reasons. I do not believe in mail-in ballots. Some might say if a bag with 50 votes is found later uncounted, that little will not change the election. That is true. However, it opens the possibility that if one bag was found, how many more COULD be out there? Combined, that could change an election. Also, I feel the excuse of the virus is not an excuse. I've seen people interviewed on the news on the street saying because of the virus, they do not want to vote in person, yet they are out. They are interviewed coming out of stores, one was coming out of a restaurant. Therefore, if you are out, your argument doesn't hold water. Secondly, the voting polls are probably the safest place to vote because social distancing and other measures will be monitored and enforced at an official polling location, and your identity could be properly verified. On a mail-in ballot, it is not fully identified.

As for the candidates, I stated it's a matter of whose policies align with yours. Personally, I cannot back someone that tells me he will raise my taxes and those for corporations that will most likely cause them to close and relocated where taxes are cheaper. We've all seen the results of that in the past, and it wasn't pretty for our economy. Many say these huge companies should not receive a tax break. However, that tax break comes back to the economy by having a lower unemployment rate, more taxes the government receives because more people are working, and local government also benefits by people not moving and local businesses thrive because people are spending money. Stating you are not taxing people who make under 400,000 dollars is not a factual statement when he is raising other taxes that will affect those making under 400,000 dollars. There is always more to the story than what you are told, which is why you must do your own research.

Again, on a personal note, I back law enforcement and will support those that do. Protecting our borders is protecting our country, its citizens, and our jobs. I welcome anyone who wishes to come into our country legally. That does not mean that some changes are not needed in that area to make the process smoother and quicker. Defunding the police will never lead to positive change. Positive change in law enforcement will come from better and more comprehensive training, which cannot be accomplished if they are defunded. The same applies to abortion. There are times when aborting a pregnancy is justified, but not always. Especially when there are hundreds, and probably thousands, of people who would adopt that child.

Until we can develop a better energy source, fossil fuels will never be abolished. You cannot have enough windmills and solar panels to power the world. Again, do emissions need to be regulated? Of course, but to say more jobs will be created by getting rid of fossil fuels is simply not possible. We do have a climate control issue that needs to be addressed, but the answer is to find a better energy source, better regulate the emissions we have, and let science makes the advances needed as we learn more. We must put more effort and money into developing more efficient sources. The issues go on and on, and the worse part is, the game that is played with buying up patents to protect present products is disgraceful.


The stimulus package, which I said right from day one, this was a political game. The game of politics played by the politicians we elected. A game they are playing because the election was coming up while millions of Americans are suffering. In this writer's opinion, our politicians are a disgrace. Most do not realize how much the stock market drives the economy. We had a record third-quarter earnings. The stock market was making records. This is attributed to the first stimulus package. Now, with no new stimulus package, the market has been falling, and our fourth-quarter earnings could be terrible. So many small businesses rely on Christmas sales to carry them through the next year. They will get hurt so badly they could permanently close. It's a domino effect. The pandemic is real. Frankly, people are NOT following the guidelines. Now we wonder why there are upticks across the country. No one is saying these are easy times, and a vaccine is the answer, but in the meantime, people MUST follow safety measures, and they do not. Read this article.

Of course, there are many more issues. My point regarding the election is simple. Look at the policies of each candidate. See which align with what you want, and that's who you should vote for. Not for the person who is warm and fuzzy, or not for the pretty hat, but for the candidate that you feel will do the best for you and the American people. Most importantly, VOTE.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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