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Global Tyranny? - A realistic look.







Many people are legitimately concerned about the present global state of affairs. Since the Ukraine conflict, the new information that North Korea is very close to having its first nuclear weapon, and the more recent developments with China, I have received many emails from my readers and followers asking me to discuss this topic.

Most of my topics are based on data and facts that can be referenced easily. However, for this topic, there are no real facts or previous data to refer to. Therefore, to write about this, this post is based on opinion, common sense, and a realistic look at the Global situation. We can look at human behavior and use that as a guide to some degree.

The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to national security, not even the news media knows the full story. The state of our military forces, arsenals, equipment, and technology is top secret and not shared with the general public, other countries, and especially not the news media.

What we must rely on is human nature and history. As far back as the days of Rome and the reign of Julius Caesar, Adolf Hilter, and many others, we have learned to NEVER underestimate what any leader may do or is capable of doing. However, those were not the days of nuclear or chemical weapons. These were times when wars were found on the ground. Such as the present situation in Ukraine. Every leader with nuclear capabilities knows that to push that button does not only mean the destruction of whom they perceive as their enemy, and they also know it will result in their destruction. Possibility, the end of the world, and civilization as we know it.


We can never discount the idea that the leader of a small country such as North Korea or Iran would do something stupid. However, they are decades away in development from being considered a SUPER POWER. There is a huge difference between threatening to use a nuclear weapon and actually doing it. Superpowers like Russia, China, and the United States constantly have war games. It serves two purposes. !. Practice, should the need arise. 2. To show other superpowers they have the capabilities to inflict as much damage. China was a perfect example of this with its recent display around Taiwan when Nancy Pelosi made her visit. A visit, by the way, that I support, regardless of what our President said. I also believe postponing our missile tests to avoid provoking China was wrong. It shows weakness.

NO SUPERPOWER can afford to show weakness. Keep in mind that one of the things that prevent a nuclear war is that as much harm and damage can be inflicted on one another. Therefore, it serves no purpose. Balance of power is what keeps the peace in these cases. We now live in a world where sanctions, especially economic sanctions, are the way superpowers go to war. It is a war of technology, hacking, cybercrimes, etc. I am sure that no superpower can stop every missile from hitting its targets. Some will get through. However, that applies to both sides, and both sides and the rest of the world lose.

I believe that in the United States of America, we rely too heavily on products made in the countries. Especially in the area of technology. Product and other items we are capable of manufacturing in our own country. Energy is a perfect example. There was a time not that long ago when we were energy independent. We used our resources. Now, we are energy dependent once again. HUGE MISTAKE. It makes no sense to get our energy products, such as oil, from other countries that do not refine them as clean as we do. Therefore, we are not helping climate control.


There is no doubt in my mind that it is all politically driven. The global economy and trade are good for all countries. However, to become too dependent on any one country is NOT good. Should we end up in an economic war with China, our technology will suffer tremendously. Many semiconductors and other electronic components are made in China and Taiwan. Computers, cell phones, and many other electronic devices are just a few. I do not fear a nuclear conflict. It is the economic conflict that concerns me.

That said, should China go that far as to use that as leverage against us, it would certainly cause a huge hit to their economy since they make a great deal of money from us in those areas. I believe most of what we have seen with China flexing their muscles is all for show. As any bully would do. Remember, a bully only strikes someone they know will not strike back. Even a bully doesn't want to get hurt. This is why us showing any signs of weakness is a huge mistake by our administration. China eluded to shooting down Pelosi's plane. Did they? Of course not. To do that would surely have resulted in a major crisis that no one could tell what it would lead to. I am not a fan of Nacy Pelosi, but in this case, she did the right thing by going to Taiwan.

Just as I feel that our administration is wrong by NATO not giving fighter jets and longer-range missiles to Ukraine to help them win this war. A war filled with war crimes by Russia. Another sign of weakness. China which makes 80% of solar panels, should have NEVER got our tax money to make them for us. We should be doing that here in our country. We just made ourselves more reliant on China. I am all for alternate energy, but mark my words today. It will not be electricity. We cannot install enough windmills and solar panels to run an entire nation. The alternative energy should be, and I believe, will eventually be nuclear power.

People are afraid of the nuclear incidents that have happened in the past. And yes, it needs more refining for safety, but that is the answer. Think about it. We have had nuclear-powered subs and ships for years. However, that is not where politics lean. Why? Who is in whose pocket? One day we may find out.


Everything, to some degree, is about money. However, it is also about power. On a global scale, power is worth far more than money, and all dictators want power. The question is, how much of our power are we willing to give up? No one country stands alone. They all rely on their allies. If our allies do not believe in us or trust us, it lowers our standing on a global scale. This, in turn, makes us weaker as a nation. Both militarily and economically. Something we cannot afford to allow to happen.

One of our weakest links is our southern border. Yes, we know about the terrorists we have caught trying to cross the border. However, what about the ones we don't know about? How about the amount of synthetic Fentanyl and other drugs that get through that is killing thousands of our citizens? Or illegal firearms? When will we control this weak link? Let's face the facts. Our administration is doing a poor job at best in controlling the border. CLOSE IT. Fix the internal problem of getting legal immigrants to citizenship before opening it up. I am 100% for immigrants coming to our country. BUT THE CORRECT WAY. This country was built by immigrants. Probably most of our ancestors were immigrants. It is easy for most who live tens of thousands of miles away that do not have to deal with this problem to judge those that do. Move to Texas or Arizona on the border and see how much of this you would stand for. Not to mention the cost to us taxpayers. We have had a broken immigration system for years, and this is not fixing it. Again, is it about politics?

In Closing:

Everything I have mentioned causes a strain on our government and the taxpayers in this county. I will give President Biden credit for authorizing the death of Al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri. However, the real credit goes to the CIA. This man has been hunted for twenty years. It just so happened they found him on Biden's watch. This was a positive move by the U.S. to show its resolve. However, is it enough on a global scale? It certainly did not deter China from having their war games around Taiwan, and it certainly is not causing Russia to pull out of Ukraine.

Although in different ways, every form of war has a devasting effect on every country involved. For some, it's physical. For others, it's economics. To sum it up, I do not believe we will have a nuclear war with China or Russia. I do believe there will be a trade, sanction, and economic war in our future. China is standing fast and continuing to make strides to take Taiwan. One day, sooner than we think, that process will begin. I believe we are only at the beginning of what our financial future will hold for our citizens because we do not have leadership that other countries have any form of fear of. They are predictable because they usually back down rather than call the bluff. That gives every country on this planet a strategic advantage over us that they never had before.

If we are going to call it the way it is, Russia going into Ukraine and China wanting Taiwan was at the forefront all through President Trump's time in office. However, it never happened because there was a concern about what or how he would react or retaliate. That concern went away when the new administration took office. Is it too late to get it back? Maybe. President Biden would have to make a 180-degree shift in his policies to show the world who is in charge, and I do not believe he will do that. Only time will tell what the future will bring, but I DO NOT believe it will be a nuclear war between superpowers. No one wins. Everyone loses.

Stay safe, be happy, and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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