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Wait, is there a holiday coming up? Of course, there is. In three days it's Thanksgiving. As with most holidays, if it's not the media, TV ads, or the stores that get us to the point by the time the holiday gets here, we're already looking forward to it being over, it's something else. I mean really, this year again, before Halloween even got here, Christmas trees and decorations were out for sale. I may be a bit older than some of you reading this, but how many remember the days when you saw NOTHING about Christmas right up until Thanksgiving. Miraculously, the following day, on Friday, every store was decorated for Christmas, and the Christmas season officially began. Now as early as Halloween, we are planning Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. Is it possible that when we overdo it, or overdo anything for that matter, the meaning gets lost?.

What is the meaning of any holiday? Many stress over buying the gifts. Particularly, how much they spend. Is how much that is spent on a gift actually a gauge of the level of love or caring you have for a person? We certainly cannot blame Trump, Biden, or the pandemic for this, although there will be those that will. These issues have been this way for years. STORE WANT A PIECE OF YOUR PAYCHECK, and not a little piece, a huge chunk. Call me old fashion, but for me, it's all about the family getting together and seeing one another. During the year, life is so busy, very few families gather weekly for Sunday dinner as they did when I was growing up. In today's society, people work 24/7. I remember a time when if you didn't get gas on Saturday, you weren't finding a gas station open on Sunday, and other than pharmacies, there wasn't much else open. Family gatherings were the thing to do on Sunday.

Now, do not mistake what I am saying. I believe Christmas is for the kids. They believe in Santa, it's their eyes that glow when they look under the tree. Exchanging gifts is fine and normal, but NOT at the risk of using the gift as a scale of 1-10 as to how much someone cares about you. The fact that they thought of you should be enough. However, is it anymore? Some families buy what they want for themselves and the people don't exchange a gift, they exchange the money they spent on the gift they bought for themselves from someone else. For me, that totally takes away the meaning. I tell my family, and actually insist, they do not but me a gift. First, BECAUSE MY FAMILY BEING TOGETHER IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT. Secondly, because I get what I need and want throughout the year, and frankly, most can't afford to get me what I buy for myself.

A few years back, my sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I replied, well, I want to upgrade the electronics on mu boat, it will cost about 13,000. Get me that. She laughed. Of course, I knew she couldn't do that, but the larger sin is wasting her money on getting something for more I will NEVER use. Her presence is the best gift she could give me. Now, this certainly does not apply to children, but I hope I made my point about what is really important on the holidays, which brings us to Thanksgiving, because this year is totally different than past years, or is it? .


Of course, we all love eating the various dishes different people prepare, but are they doing that this year.? Do people have the money? Food prices have been steadily on the rise. Being Italian, I do not even want to think what the price of fish will be this year during the Christmas season. However, that is not what the question is about. I'm referring to the limitations that many states and cities are placing on the gathering at these holidays. Yes, there are varying opinions on this topic, and many do not have more than 10 people at dinner. Allow me to say, EACH FAMILY MUST DO WHAT MAKES THEM COMFORTABLE. Before two of my three children moved out of state, We would have as many as seventeen people at holiday dinners, and more when my Mom and Dad were still with us. This year, some families are cooking and sending the food to their relatives and not having a gathering. What do you think? What are your plans? Do we actually believe these politicians will follow their own rules? I think not.

As with all things, there are pros and cons. It might be prudent for those who fall into the high-risk bracket to give it some thought. However, in most cases, anywhere you go, and although many wear masks, you are closer to people than you might be at your dinner table. Yet, we don't stop going grocery shopping and other places. Dinners out with friends, etc. Depending on what doctor you listen to on TV, the data and statistics widely change. Who is right and who is wrong? These issues weigh on the minds of people, thus detracting them from the enjoyment of whatever holiday is coming up. Heck, this year most towns canceled their fireworks in July, yet, the GOP had a great display for people to see, and Biden's display was also amazing. Gavin Newson, the Governor of California, completely forgot about his own rules about dining out having 12 people sitting at the table. Does an apology really cut it? He is the Governor. Even if he forgot, he has an entire staff to remind him. Were they all brain-dead?


Agree or not, on this Thanksgiving and Christmas the choice is yours. There's an old saying. "A person's house is their castle." How about you knock on your Governors door Thanksgiving Day and see how many people are there. Are they wearing masks? Is it less than 10? Are they sitting six feet apart? Here are some facts. Short of wearing an N95 mask, most are not very effective. Check out this article. Granted, something is better than nothing, but when something is close to nothing, what's the purpose?


As I stated earlier, these are your choices as individuals, and only you and those who visit you can make these choices in your own household. As for me, we are having our normal Thanksgiving. No, it will not be 17 people any longer because not everyone is in the same state. However, as a family, we decided we would sit at the same table, place a bit more distance between us, and enjoy our day together as a family. REMEMBER. That choice is yours. Stay safe, be well, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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