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Is It Ever Safe? - What are some of our cities turning into?


Each day on the news, we hear of more looting, shootings, innocent people being attacked on the streets, and a host of other crimes. People taking over neighborhoods living on the streets, drugs near schools, and much more. Maybe I am not as much of a realist as I should be. Whether a person's preference is to be a Democrat or Republican, who in their right mind, regardless of their political affiliation, could stand by and allow this type of criminal activity to continue, let alone continue to get worse. However, the data does show this is more prevalent in blue states than red states. For example, crime in California and New York is way up and showing no signs of getting better.


Prosecutors are NOT prosecuting these criminals as they should. As a result, our justice system is failing the citizens.

Therefore, what are some of our cities turning into? Decades ago, a store owner's biggest theft problem was the little kid sticking their hands in the candy jars on display. Today, looters walk into stores, take what they want, and walk out. Major store chains are closing early, NOT to be open at night. Some have closed their businesses in some areas. Has it turned into a battlefield?

With all of this going on, many wonder why people are carrying guns and taking the law into their own hands to defend themselves. Just look at that innocent bystander a few weeks back in New York. He was minding his own business and got sucker punched from behind. He fell to the ground hitting his head on the pavement, and sustained a severe head injury. The prosecutor reduces the charges, and he is released on a misdemeanor charge. Are you friggin kidding me? The governor, whether due to public outrage or not, steps in to have him arrested on a different charge. A parole violation to get him off the streets. In this writer's opinion, that attack was deliberate and should be viewed as attempted murder or at least another felony charge. Who in their right minds would put this man back on the streets?

No criminal will fear committing a criminal act if they do not fear the consequences of their actions or if those consequences are minor. Simply put, our justice system is failing the citizens of this country. It is NOT the fault of the individual police officers, sheriffs, FBI agents, or other law enforcement officers. It's the fault of their leaders and our leaders. The people in charge make the policies. That is where the problem begins and ends.

Anyone who has lived for several years knows that decades ago when the penalties for particular crimes were more severe and mandated sentences for certain types of crimes existed, there were fewer of those types of crimes. In any society, more crime will occur when the price to pay for a severe crime is minor. Today's society is living proof of that. The term "career criminal" is accurate. There are those that no matter what, will continue to commit crimes. Catch and release only means released to commit another crime. No bail laws have made it easy for criminals to return to the streets and commit another crime. Check out this data from TECH JURY.

In 2020, statistics showed that the U.S. releases over 7 million people from jail and more than 600,00 people from prison each year. However, recidivism is common. Within three years of their release, 2 out of 3 people are rearrested, and more than 50% are incarcerated again. Check out this LINK.

That was in 2020, when things were not as bad as they are today. I am sure those numbers are even worse. The bottom line is, THE PRESENT POLICIES ARE NOT WORKING, AND WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE NOT PUTTING A STOP TO IT.

November is coming, friends. That is when our voices can be heard, and we can put into office those who will take a stand against crime and the present broken justice system and those who make these ridiculous policies and believe in supporting law and order. All of which results in your safety.


We have the power to control our safety and, to some degree, our destiny. We do this by deciding who we place in political office: meaning our Governors, representatives in Congress, and the Senate. Now, let me take a moment to offer my opinion. We all know the two major political parties are Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are traditionally liberal, and Republicans are conservative. I have no use for extreme thinkers on either side of the aisle. Anything to the extreme NEVER works in any context and is usually anti-productive.

I've said this before. I enjoy watching Fox News. Particularly "THE FIVE." Yes, we all know that FOX NEWS is a conservative media station. However, it is a fair conservative station. Let me use "THE FIVE" as an example; I've seen hosts such as Bret Baier, Jessie Waters, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Dana Perino, Tucker Carlson, and Shannon Bream do the same. Although at times crude and to the point, which I like, Greg Gutfeld. Neil Cavuto and other hosts are equally good. Meaning they will have a panel of guests on their shows representing both the left and right views on a topic. That offers us the opportunity to hear both sides. However, "THE FIVE" has a regular daily panel that mixes Democrats and Republicans.

In any event, to my point. Two or three weeks back, I watched a segment of "The Five," and one of the topics was all the people living in tents on the streets. If my memory is correct, Katie Pavlich made a TRUE and accurate statement. "There are people that like to live that way." The more I see her on Fox News, the more I enjoy her. She is intelligent and fair in her views. That statement was true. As a retired firefighter and working over 30 years as a Paramedic on the streets in an inner city, there are people who prefer to live that way. That was their choice. However, it should NOT be allowed on public streets and in established neighborhoods, especially near schools.

Unfortunately, my experience and data show that some things that occur in these environments are not good and are regarded as criminal: these include rape, drug abuse, fights, and more. However, if that is the way they choose to live, and a city is willing to allow it, then like a trailer park that only has trailers, give them an area to pitch their tents. No one has the right to impose their way of living on others, especially in neighborhoods that were not designed for that.

I will not mention the major city I worked in. However, as with all major cities, it had upper-class and low-income areas. There were a few common denominators. Crime, drugs, and domestic violence existed in both to varying degrees. No one is perfect, and no neighborhood is perfect. When you work the streets, you learn that quickly. You also learn not to be judgemental. Although sometimes difficult, it is a trait you must learn if you want to survive, and I mean that literally.

Although it may appear I am pushing FOX NEWS, believe it or not, I am not. I am only stating they make it clear and are right up front in letting you know they are conservatives, but they also allow their viewers to hear both sides. Something I do not see on CNN, MSMBC, or others. To be properly informed, we need to hear both sides. How else can we make an informed decision?


Is it ever safe? No, it is not, and it may never be completely safe. However, it can become safer. We may never go back to the days when you could leave your front door unlocked, or let your children play unsupervised outside, or when store owners never had to think about keeping a gun in their store due to their fear of being robbed. However, we MUST get back to safer times than what people are facing now.

I can't say I was ever for the death penalty, but I also cannot say I was totally against it. For certain heinous crimes, such as those who committed the acts that led to 911, murdering a police officer, firefighter, or first responder, or killing a family, the punishment must suit the crime as a deterrent. When the consequences are not high, the criminal will take the risks. We cannot continue to send our children to schools and fear active shooters or go to a movie or a mall and fear the same. Sometimes the consequences for specific crimes must be high. Yes, these are all things that cause great debate and are highly controversial. However, the fact is, that our justice system needs a major facelift. We need to oust those who want to release these repeat offenders so they can go back out and commit the same or worse crimes against society.

In November, we will all have a chance to change the present times. Your vote is critical. Our society is at the crossroads of social destruction if some action is not taken soon to stop it. The witch hunts must stop, and the law must be applied equally. Regardless of who or what you are or what political position you hold. Fairness and justice in the justice system are not decided upon by what the law reads, not by social stature. Simply put, the law is supposed to be applied equally to all. PERIOD. This is how we can regain a sense of safety and feel safe when we leave our homes. Anything less is unacceptable.

Stay safe, be happy, and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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