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Is The Election Drama Beginning? - The never-ending world of politics.


Greetings to all. This topic, or a version of it, was requested by Caroline from the midwest. In her email, she asked, "doesn't it seem like all we hear about is the next presidential election? Isn't it a bit early?" I really haven't paid attention to it until I read her email. I found out she was correct. After watching different news media networks, I found everyone was reporting on where former President Trump has been and where he is going next, as well as all the anticipation as to whether or not Governor Ron DeSantis, from Florida, will run in 2024. Add that to all the controversy as to whether President Biden will announce he will run and if his wife has already alluded to the fact that he will. Such drama.

All the political drama seems to be starting. A bit early, in my opinion. The former President has been in the news for many reasons in the past few months. The raid on his home, etc. With Biden and Pence in the mix for confidential document holdings, they all cancel one another out. You can't go after one and not the others. So I guess the political drama has begun. Will we be so sick of it when it comes to electing a President that we all simply throw our hands up in the air?


Many say and believe everything in life has a purpose. However, that being said, I believe politics has its own special purpose. Besides wanting to win, what that is, I don't think anyone actually knows. It changes almost daily depending on the players and who runs the show. Oh yes. Have no doubts in your mind. It is a show.

What amazes me the most is every president claims a few of the same things.

  1. It's always the past administrations' fault,

  2. They built the best economy,

  3. They had the lowest inflation, and if not, someone else is at fault,

  4. They had the lowest unemployment rate in history.

  5. They created the most jobs of any other president.

The list can go on. My question is simple. If all of these claims are true, why are we in such great debt as a nation, and why are people struggling so much to make ends meet and in so much debt? I have heard many State of the Union addresses during my years of living. The story is always the same. I can only assume we must all appear to be that gullible.

Therefore, the drama begins.

According to most reports, the Republicans have a lot of hats that can get thrown into the ring, and many have already made it clear they are in the running. However, the Democrats do not appear to have that many fish in the sea. Or is it too early to tell? We have quite a way to go before the next Presidential election. Both parties must be concerned about the next election to start the greatest show on earth so early. The last two presidential elections had their fair share of drama. However, the next one, I believe, will surpass them both.

If they all materialize, all the Congressional hearings will bring much dirt to the table or waste time. I think we can all agree many questions require answers. The DOJ, FBI, and the Justice system all have problems that must be addressed and corrected.

Polling is another issue. The polling has already started. The problem with polling is simple. First, hw accurate are they? Second, many people see these polls and vote based on their results rather than their choice. How about those who don't follow the candidates and vote based on polls? Isn't that like playing Russian roulette? Elections and voting should be taken seriously. This is when we, as citizens, have the opportunity to effect change. Doesn't that make sense?


Progress is forward or onward movement. Progression is the process of gradually moving towards a more advanced state. Therefore, we might say that progress can be a result of progression. However, that can work both ways. We can progress, go backward, or remain stagnant. Therefore, progress is NOT always productive.

How many remember many years back? No early voting, except for military personnel or disabled people. On election day, everyone had to show an ID to vote. We knew who won the election by the eleven o'clock news almost yearly. No one questioned the fairness of the election and there was never the fress of accusations regarding voter fraud like we have seen develop. I ask you, have we progressed in that area? No. We have not. We have gone backward. Almost everything you do today requires you to provide a form of identification. In this writer's opinion, why shouldn't voting in an election require identification? I believe voting falls under the umbrella as something important.

I realize that for many reasons, people have their own opinions. I respect that, but what fear does one party or the other have that they don't care to make sure that the person voting is that person and a citizen of this country? If candidates run a good campaign, let the chips fall where they may. Campaigning used to be about the issues, not the slander.

If you look deep enough into any person's past, we all have a skeleton somewhere. The only difference is some individuals' skeletons may be worse than others. No one man or woman is perfect. Now the candidate's attack and slander one another, all in the name of the never-ending world of politics. I can't remember the last time I watched a good straight forward debate between candidates.

Fair play. Does it exist? There should not be such a thing as unfair.

Maybe in a perfect world, there isn't. However, to gain my trust, fair play is a must. Is a campaign promise actually a promise of what a candidate will do if elected, or is it what they believe we want to hear? Any one with half a brain knows that the President does not have the power to deliver on any promise over and above what they can perform through executive orders without the approval of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each holds a different degree of power. Together they make up the legislative branch of the U.S., commonly called Congress. The House holds the power of the purse. Meaning the President, other than what is allowed through executive order, cannot spend money with the approval of the House.

To simplify it. Since President Biden took office, until the last midterm elections, the Democrats controlled the majority of House and Senate seats. A perfect scenario for a Democratic President. The same would hold true if flipped and all three were Republicans. When the House and Senate are split by parties, it is much harder for the President to get the things passed they want unless both the House and Senate agree. If not, let the negotiations begin. This is when the deals are made. We will see this new split play out until the next election.

Yes. A President must be a politician. Have great ideas, and know how to get them across, too many. However, it all starts with fair play. During the campaign and after. I believe that when it comes to campaigning, voting, and running our great nation, there should be no such thing as unfair. Most understand that you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. But you must never be unfair to them. Treat people anything less than equally.

Politics is a game of words. President Biden claimed he would never tax anyone making under $400,000.00 a year. Maybe not directly, but when you raise taxes on those making the goods that now have to pass that tax increase to the consumers, does it make sense to say that those making under $400,000.00 a year are being indirectly taxed?

We live in a world filled with words. Maybe too many, and maybe some of the meanings are changing too quickly. Certainly, many words are interpreted differently. Could this be the difference between a good and bad politician? Who screws you and makes you feel screwed versus one who screws you and makes you feel good about it? That is up to you to decide.


To answer the question, yes. The election drama is beginning. It has begun. Mostly due to former President Trump announcing his candidacy early on. Now others are throwing their hat into the ring. I believe the democrats are waiting until President Biden makes his announcement. Therefore, I cannot comment on that. As I say, I write a diversified and unbiased blog. However, I always reserve the right to state my own opinion. From the Republican side, I have one. I think they have many good possible candidates. However, I love Governor DeSantis, the Governor of the State Of Florida. The state I live in. I would hate to lose him.

However, DeSantis and Trump going head to head is a huge mistake. A Trump/DeSantis ticket would be a smarter way to proceed. This would prepare DeSantis for a run at the presidency the next time. Please note that my previous comment does not detract from any women who have put their hats into the ring. The most qualified with the best platform should win the nomination. Male or female. I was specifically referring to Trump and DeSantis opposing one another.

Now the stage is semi-set. We still have less than two years to go with this Congress and administration. Anything can happen. That is the name of the game. The game of politics. In the meantime.

Remember to always:

Live with an open mind,

Live with an open heart,

Live your best life.

Best Regards,

Caesar Rondina


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