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Leveling Up Your Career

Greetings to all. This week is a guest blog post by Dean Burgess. Thank you, Dean, for your submission.


The pandemic has forced many businesses to shutter their doors, leaving millions of people out of work. However, some business sectors are poised for growth in the post-pandemic world. If you're looking to take advantage of post-pandemic opportunities, I will share how you can do so today.


Strong leadership skills are the foundation of every career transition. Following are a few essential leadership traits to hone:

Decisiveness: Good leaders need to make difficult decisions in pressurizing situations quickly and with the information they have.

Problem-solving: No matter the industry, problems always arise - you need to be able to work through issues calmly and effectively.

Dependability: Prove to your team members that they can rely on you to keep promises and follow through.


Once you're confident in your leadership abilities, it will be time to translate your skills to reality. Following are some ways to do so:

Identify key business sectors: Business sectors expected to grow post-pandemic include healthcare, technology, e-commerce, writing, and logistics.

Level up: Improve your skills by earning a degree or certification in the field you are transitioning to. For example, suppose you are transitioning into healthcare. In that case, you could choose a medical coding course taught online to level up your skills.

Network: Prioritize networking opportunities to build an invaluable network in your field and use these contacts to land new opportunities. Image from Unsplash


At the end of the day, you'll need to apply your leadership skills to take advantage of new opportunities. Here's how to do so:

Take care of admin: Forming an LLC, deciding on a business structure, and creating a business plan for success will be critical administrative tasks for your career transition.

Apply for jobs: Start applying for jobs in the growing business sectors. This can be done by searching online or by contacting companies directly.

Be prepared for success: Once you have landed a job in a growing business sector, you will need to be prepared for success.


By following these tips, you can develop your job and leadership skills to take advantage of new opportunities in the business sectors poised for post-pandemic growth. You've got this! ... Dean Burgess

Thanks again to Dean for his submission.

Stay safe, be happy, and be well,