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With over 30 years of working in the public health care system, Caesar Rondina has interacted with thousands of people from different walks of life. Running a range of cultures, races, and creeds. Often times these encounters were amplified by the intensity of a life-or-death medical situation. All things combined, Caesar Rondina’s real-life experiences have provided insight into the world we live in, and how we choose to live in it. Caesar's writings are influenced by his experiences as a paramedic, educator, and retired career firefighter. During his pre-hospital medical career,  Caesar Rondina has provided medical care for over 76,000 patients. Listening to over 76,000 stories, and witnessing tragic events as well as happy experiences, his writings serve as a guide for self-improvement, self-empowerment, education, awareness, and enjoyment.


Caesar Rondina is a multi-genre writer which includes love stories, self-help books, non-fictional narratives, non-fiction books, murder mysteries, and crime series. Sometimes combining a little of each in one book. Caesar's style of writing makes a reader feel at home by creating a comfortable tone. One that will make you feel as though it is just the two of you sitting in a room having a conversation. Caesar Rondina was born and raised in New England and now resides in Florida. as he continues to write books and speak at various events, he publishes his weekly blog, The Author's Pen. It is published on all his social media sites every Monday evening at 7:30 PM EST. Occasionally, when time permits, he does a video blog post. 

Caesar states, "Fancy words are for technical writing. I believe my readers need to read my words and relate to the vocabulary they are used to hearing daily. While reading my books, my readers will never have to google the meaning of any word they don't know the meaning of. I have a unique way of ensuring my readers know the meaning of any term I use. That eliminates the need for them to look up a word they do not understand which takes away from the experience of the moment."

As Caesar Rondina demonstrates, the more we learn about ourselves and our weaknesses, the more we can understand them, and learn how to overcome them and turn them into our strengths. Caesar continues to publish medical educational material as well as video tutorials on various topics on the online learning platform. Caesar Rondina is a motivational and inspirational public speaker and spokesperson. Caesar often speaks at book clubs, schools, and company events. Caesar Rondina believes in our youth, veterans, and senior citizens. One of his passions is taking a strong stand against female abuse and domestic violence. Caesar Rondina has volunteered with numerous support groups and has spoke at many meetings to try to help the victims of this crime. Caesar Rondina supports all these heroes and helps whenever possible. Caesar Rondina is a contributing writer on many writing forums.

Caesar states, "I love to speak at schools and interact with our youth and community. Not only can they learn from us, but there is also much we can learn from them. Our seniors and veterans are the 14 karat gold of our society. Their life experiences have allowed them to evolve, help them grow, and pass their knowledge on to others. Everyone can learn from them."   


Caesar Rondina was born and raised in Connecticut, but now resides in Florida. Caesar is now single and has three children and three grandchildren. As an author, businessman, educator, paramedic, firefighter, master boat captain, and father, he always says, "If I haven't seen it, it probably hasn't happened yet." Caesar attended universities in the fields of Education and Business Management. Caesar Rondina has completed extended studies in the fields of electronics, medicine, and boating. He holds a valid United States Coast Guard Master Captain’s license, and a National Association of  Radio and Telecommunications Engineers First Class Repair and Teaching certification, along with several other medical teaching certifications. Caesar Rondina was a business owner for 17 years before becoming a career firefighter and paramedic.

Caesar Rondina believes, "There should be a personal connection between myself and my readers. They should be able to see inside my soul. My goal is to create that relationship through my style of writing. You will always see a part of me in every book I write."  

Every reader looks for something different in a book. Perception lives through the eyes of those who perceive. Often times that will be different for each person. 

Caesar explains, "I'm no different from anyone else. I've had failures, shortcomings, setbacks, as well as successes. I've learned something about myself and people through each experience. I am not afraid to share any experience with my readers. No one makes it through life alone. The trick is to learn from your mistakes and not make the same ones again. Trust me, there are others that you will make along the way. During my medical and firefighting career, I have had over 13 related work-related surgeries as a result of work-related injuries. I was involved in a fire service accident so catastrophic it made national headlines. As a result of this accident, some laws regarding how emergency vehicles respond to calls were changed nationwide. A small price to pay if it saves one first responders' life. Twice I was told I could never do the work I loved again. Often times what you are told you can't do gives you the strength and tenacity to prove what you can do. My career did not end. To understand me one must know me and what I have experienced. I have often said,  if I haven't seen it, it's only because it hasn't happened yet. I have brought life into this world. I have lost life as it slipped from my hands. However, I have saved many. I have had to inform too many families that God has taken someone from them they loved. However, I also delivered 13 babies during my career. We learn through God that death is as much of a part of life as birth. However, living is paramount. You either learn to survive this, or it will consume you to the point of self-destruction."  


Caesar Rondinas validation is a result of his life experiences, education, successes, and failures. You are invited to browse this site. View photos of what Caesar enjoys. Watch a book trailer, or preview a book. Get to know Caesar because as he states,


"Never doubt that writing is a personal experience between the writer and a reader. It's always personal. You only fail at something if you don't give it 100%. If you tried your best, you didn't fail, you just didn't succeed. There is a difference."


All books can be purchased through the links on this site directly from the vendor of your choosing, or on any major online bookstore. Please feel free to email him through this website. He promptly answers every email personally. 


Thank you. - CJR and Staff.

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