The Author's Personal Quotes 


  - Relationships don't die, people kill them.  


  - Romance never ends, people end it.  


  - Life is not complicated, people make it complicated.  


  - No one is responsible for our happiness, we own that.  


  - We are not only judged by what we say,  

  we are also judged by what we do, and how we act. 


  - Word without actions, or actions without words, 

  have no meaning. 


  - In order to move forward, you must stop trying   

  to retrace your steps. 


  - Perfection should never be expected, no one has it to give. 


  - A closed mind will never see what wide opened 

  eyes can show.  


  - People need to be as independent of each other as 

  they are dependent on one another.  


  - Life is not one size fits all. It's about what size fits you.  


  - Every problem has a solution. We may not like the  

  solution, but one is always there. 


  - There are two three worlds in which we live;

  A fantasy world, Our Own World, The real world. 


  - How you perceive  yourself is just as important as how 

  others perceive you.  


  - No expectations, no disappointments.  


  - Only you can determine what you are capable of giving. 

  Those that can't accept that are in for a big disappointment.  


  - We should all set an example for others by how we live. 

  Never expect from others what you are not prepared 

  to do yourself. 


  - Thinking is the path to reasoning. Reasoning is the path to 

  solutions. Solutions are the path to happiness. 


  - The truth is not always popular, but it is always  the truth. 


  - The essence of who you really are is only a reflection of     how you make others perceive you. 


  - I am not wise, I am just as stupid as you.  

 The only difference between you and I, is you 

 haven't realized it yet. 



  - Words derived through wisdom are stronger

  than many needless or thoughtless words.  


  - A person's ability for understanding should never

 be clouded by their ability to be judgmental.  


 - In an argument there are never winners; only losers.  


  - Each door you open will not lead to success. 

 Picking the right door is not the hardest part. 

 The hardest part is having the tenacity to 

 open another door. 





  - The only thing that accents a beautiful sunset  

  is a beautiful woman.  


  - The innocence and beauty of a starlit night  

  is not always so innocent. The dark hides 

  many things, and many things hide in the dark. 


  - The first goal in anyone's life should be getting to        know themselves.  


  - Saying thank you is a courtesy. Being thankful  

  is a way of life. 


  - The best moments in life are the moments

  you make. 


  - Never look at the time you have left. Look at all 

  the great things you have left to do. 


  - Life doesn't just happen, we make it happen.  


  - The difference between being successful, 

  unsuccessful, or failing,  is measured by the 

  amount of effort you put into it. 


  - Life is more than just living in the moment.  

  It's also how the moment lives in you. 


  - I will let anyone walk a mile in my shoes. If  

  they can complete that mile as I have,  they can  

  have my shoes. 


  - The energy of the sun passes through the clouds.  

  You don't see it, but you feel it. Similar to your  

  faith. Always aim for the silver lining.  


  - Life is not about the tools we have, it's all about  

  how we use them. 


  - When you stop learning, you stop being creative. 


  - You must have two plans. One for what you want 

  tomorrow to be, and one for what tomorrow will be.  


  - Writing is not only a passion, it's a lifestyle. 


  - A writers words are like a song. Not the song

  you sing in your mind. 

 The one you sing in your heart. 


  - When you want something, you appreciate it.   

 When you have it, you take it for granted. 


  - Never fear what you are told or read about.  

  Fear the things you are never told about.  


  - A writer is like a triangle. One side should be the 

  connection between the writer and their book, 

 the next side is the connection between the  

 book and the reader, and the triangle is complete  

  with the third side, when the reader can connect  

  back to the writer. 


 - What sets us apart as people is defined by what 

  we each do as a person. 


 - The difference between being successful,  

  unsuccessful, or failing, is measured by  

 the amount of effort you put into it. 


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