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 The New P.I. Series 

This book will be coming soon. Due to other ongoing projects, its release has been delayed.





Blake "AX" Miller
Perp WIth A Gun
Roxanne "ROXY" Carter
Roxy Photo

The "AX"  Diaries is a crime series introducing Blake "AX" Miller, and Roxanne " ROXY " Carter. Blake received the nickname "AX" while he was a homicide detective in Chicago. He signed up for every dirty job and case. Ax was the one to call when the job needed to be done and the rules were not important. He liked getting his hands dirty and taking down the scum of society. His training as a Navy Seal is what made him so effective. One night while he was off-duty, he heard a call come through on his portable radio for a hostage situation. He responded to the scene. A suspect was holding a woman hostage in an alley and was holding an ax to her neck. After robbing her, he attempted to rape her but she was able to partially free herself as the police and Ax were arriving.  She almost got away but the suspect managed to hold on to her and gained a more sure grip. There was only one way in and one way out of the alley. It was clear that the suspect was on drugs and/or alcohol. No one could negotiate or reason with him. His demands were simple. "Let me out or I'll kill her." The police and Ax could see in his eyes he did not care about his own life. They were convinced he would do this deed. 

The alley was used by trucks that would back down to make deliveries to the rear entrance of a store. The docking bay had an overhang above it. However, it was a considerable drop from the roof to the overhang. The suspect was holding his female hostage in a manner that made a shot from a police sniper next to impossible. The risk to the victim was too great to take the shot. Ax had been in these situations before, and many times, they did not end well. Ax knew he needed to act now. Ax moved to the front of the building and gained entrance. Ax made his way to the roof. Ax was a hotshot; a loner. He just reacted. After making his way to the roof he knew he could not make the jump to the overhang without being heard. He would have to jump to the overhang, then immediately onto the suspect. Ax knew the noise would cause the suspect to turn. He would use this distraction to his advantage and take the suspect down. 

When the moment was right, Ax sprang into action. He jumped to the overhang and sprang at the suspect. The suspect reacted exactly how Ax expected. He turned, and Ax took him down. The police rushed in to secure the victim and cuff the suspect. Ax did his job. However, there he was, on the ground. The ax the suspect was holding was stuck in his side. When he was taken to the hospital he was rushed to surgery. The doctors removed his spleen and found he had a broken his knee and several ribs. Ax had eighteen years on the job. He would have to take a disability retirement or finish out his career behind a desk. This was how he was given the nickname "AX." Ax knew a desk job was not his style. After he recovered, he tried it. After a few months he decided to take the disability retirement. The Ax Private Investigator Agency was born.

Over the years, Ax had established many connections on the streets. One of them was a highly paid beautiful escort named Roxanne Miller. She was called " Roxy."  Roxy had reached a point that she no longer wanted to be an escort. Although the pay was great, certain risks were high. Roxy had extensive self-defense training, and like Ax, had adrenaline flowing through her blood. Roxy craved excitement. Roxy became a bounty hunter.  With her years of martial arts training and her connections to high profile city workers, she also had connections; the right connections. This crime series will take you through many cases Ax handled. How he and Roxy eventually started to work together. Their partnership was unique and had a different twist. Two people wanting to do things their own way. Ax only accepted high profile and high paying cases. Cases where there was a great deal at stake, and most of them came with a substantial risk of danger. That was Ax's specialty, danger. He loved the rush. He was addicted to it. Find out more about this exciting series when the first book in this spine-tingling crime series, "Trapped In Revenge"  is released in 2020.


 From The "AX" Diaries 

 "Trapped In Revenge" 

                 Book 2 in the

From The "AX" Diaries series

"The Scent Of Fury"

Release date to be announced.

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