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Keep in mind these two concepts. First -  everything in life is personal. Each interaction, every thought, and every emotion you experience is personal to you. Second -  life is about perception. The perception that others have of you, as well as the way you perceive others. Most important, the way you perceive yourself.  In order to make the correct decisions in life, your issues must be perceived by you as being personal. If not, you won't put the time and effort into making the right decision. How you are perceived by others will determine if you are respected, and deemed to have character. Things that determine how you will be measured by others. This has a great impact on your success or lack of success in life.


Success and failure, two words that most people do not perceive in the way the dictionary defines them. Success -  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Failure - lack of success. Seems pretty basic right? But it's not. Keeping in mind that everything is personal and life is about perception, when is the last time you heard someone say, "I wasn't successful in completing my course." Isn't it always - "I failed my class?"  Anytime someone doesn't succeed, they are perceived to have failed. They are now perceived by others as failures. And why not, that's what the dictionary defines it as. However, is that always true? ABSOLUTELY NOT!


There are times the words fail, failed, or failure, will apply. The word failure in itself is hurtful, anti-productive, demeaning, and non-motivating. If someone has put a true and honest effort into something, gave it their best, and didn't do well; they did not fail. They were just not successful. A person only fails when they DID NOT put a true and honest effort into something and they DIDN'T give it their best efforts. That is failure. Failure by their own choice. Either way, people still perceive them as having failed. They are a failure. A label, and not a good one.


In the real world, the dictionary meanings do not always apply. I attended college, but I write in easy to understand English. Yes, I can use long words that you have no idea of their meaning, yet alone be able to pronounce. When writing to a tailored or targeted audience on a specific subject, that's a different situation. I expect them to know the meaning of the words I use. I don't want my readers to have to stop, look up a word, than go back to reading. I have just taken them out of the moment, which results in them losing their train of thought. The experience of the being in that moment is lost.


If I use a word I feel my readers may not be familiar with, I provide it's meaning in the text. Life and reading is personal. Reading my books is a personal experience and a connection between you and I. My writing style is unique. I write in a manner that allows us to develop a connection. I want you to feel as if we are sitting in a room together just having a conversation. If you're not comfortable, how can I expect you to sense my feelings, thoughts, emotions, and most importantly, my passion about what I am writing about? 


My message to you is a simple one. Know the difference between success and failure, as  well as life being personal. Master those gifts and you'll be off to a wonderful start and a wonderful life. Whether you can identify with my style of writing or not is a personal choice. When you read my books, if I have made you feel what's in my heart, mind, and soul, as well as my passion, I was successful. It means you got to know me, the person, not just the writer. In order for people to understand wht they read, you must write the way people speak. That  is how a message is sent. Thank you all for visiting my website. I sincerely hope you enjoy my books and I can have the honor and privilege of earning your loyalty.


Thank You ....... Caesar Rondina   



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As a Writer, I write for you, my readers, not for the money. Eventually, we all learn that money isn't everything. If you are in the business of writing, you will soon learn what is more important than money, is loyalty. If you have the loyalty of your readers, everything else will come in time. Some have been buying books their entire adult life. Different genres by different writers. The greatest gift a person has to give is their loyalty. People who love reading are loyal to their writers. No one can place a value on loyalty. Loyalty is display of support and allegiance to an individual. The writer who is fortunate enough to be blessed with this following of readers has a great responsibility. My readers have placed a high degree of trust in me. You trust what I write, why I write it, what my books represent, and what they have to offer. This defines a personal connection. A personal connection between the writer, and their readers.       

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