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Caesar Rondina is a motivational and inspiratinal speaker and spokesperson. Caesar Rondina speaks at private and business events. Caesar supports his community, youth organizations, and veterans. As Caesar states, "Our seniors and veterans are the 14 karate gold of our society. We can learn a great deal from them. Our young people are our future. We can learn as much from them as they can from us. They are honest, and not afraid to speak their mind." Caesar speaks and volunteers his time to work with our young adults in writing classes and book clubs. Caesar never charges to speak at community events, book clubs, or visit a high school to speak with students. Many colleges have published articles about him in their school newspapers. 


As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Caesar uses his education, life experience, and business expereince to speak on a wide variety of topics. During his over 30 year career as a professional firefighter and pre-hospital care paramedic, he has cared for over 76,000 patients in a busy inter-city environment. Caesar interacts with his audience. Caesar states, "The goal of any speaker is to make people think and reflect. Often times leading them to answer their own questions." Caesar has a quality to his voice that sets the stage for motivation and inspiration.     

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Caesar laughs when he says, "If I haven't seen it, it is only because it hasn't happened yet." Caesar has broken the boundaries of race, color, and creed. He believes that everyone is an individual and deserves respect. All the superficial things our eyes see are not always relevant. Caesar is an engaging individual and connects with his audience.  Caesar states, "Connecting with an audience is an easy task as long as you do not lecture to them. A speaker needs to be transparent and engage their audience. Anyone can read off a powerpoint slide. Not everyone can embellish off of it, or speak without one. I usually do not use powerpoint presentations when I speak unless it is to display certain types of data that someone may want to take note of."

Caesar has a unique way of interacting with people that allows them to feel relaxed and comfortable. This promotes open communications. Caesar states, "The size of the audience does not matter, it's how you engage them that matters." 
Caesar can be contacted through this website by selecting the  CONTACT tab and sending him an email. Caesar answers all emails personally and promptly. Thank you.  

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