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A Woman's Fear Self Help Books For Women

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Depressed Women
Receiving Global Acclaim

Independent book review wrote:

"A Woman's Fear is a heartbreaking

yet heartwarming book. I would never believe a man could have wrote it until I reviewed the book."

- J.K. _

Amazon - Amber Machado -   "This book is really an eye opener. I mean shocking down to the core eye opener. This novel includes different stories of different women and this novel really shows the reader how to recognize the signs of abuse. A really good read.   5-Stars

The eamil requests for an earlier release date of this book were overwhelming. We did provide an earlier releasse for this book and it is now available. Thank you for your sincere comments. -  Caesar Rondina  


As a retired professional firefighter, and over 30-years working as a street paramedic in a major inner-city, I have cared for over 76,200 patients. I have had countless calls where I had to care for a woman that was a victim of some form of abuse. Having specialized training in that field, it doesn't make it any easier. Let me be perfectly clear. This is NOT an easy topic to discuss or write a book about. However, it is a topic of grave importance. Each year the number of cases of female abuse in every form increases. Awareness is paramount. This topic is very important to me. From time to time I am invited to speak at a women's support group. That is a result of the people I have met when I worked as a paramedic. I speak with women who attend these sessions that have experienced every form of abuse. Their stories are real. Their pain and suffering are real. What I offer is understanding. What I give is hope and reassurance that there is always a tomorrow. I find it very rewarding to help those that have experienced abuse. Sometimes, being a good listener is the first step to someone's recovery.


Abuse comes in many forms. Verbal, emotional, physical, and the most terrifying, rape, and more. Rape is a brutal and violent crime. There are numerous reasons that will be discussed in this book why women do not come forward when they suffer some form of abuse. In this book, you will read the stories of many women that have suffered from various types of abuse, as well as cases I was directly involved with. What I am referring to is the reality. All stories are true, and some will be graphic. You will read how they try to cope with their reality, and how they are healing their scars. Scars which come in many forms. This is a book that every woman should read. You will learn the signs, what to look for, and most importantly, how to avoid it. If you are a victim of any form of abuse, it may be the start of you seeing things differently so you can begin your healing process. 


At no time will any names or locations be used. Privacy is paramount. We live in a society where women no longer sit in the background. Slowly they are standing up and speaking out. The stigma of embarrassment is decreasing all the time, as more women begin to speak out about their experiences. There is never an excuse for abuse. The tentative release date is November of 2019. The book cover is still under design. This page will be updated with more information as time goes on. Thank you.


The topics discussed in this book are not a reflection of the opinion of the author. The topics in this book are based on facts, research, the author’s real life experience, and true stories told by those affected. No references will ever be made to names or locations. The privacy of all individuals is protected and confidential.


Caesar Rondina 

Author | Public Speaker   


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