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This book is dedicated to my sister Cathy. She is one of my biggest fans and critic. As an accomplished professional singer for over 35 years, as well as owner/operator of Vocal Production in Branford, Ct., she provides vocal instructions along with performance presentation. This has taught her the need to adapt to changes in the music industry over the years. For me, this has been a valuable resource and inspiration as I step out of my own box and write different styles of books. I would like to thank all those who have supported me along this journey.

 5-Star Review 

Goodreads -Emerson Rose Craig -   Sometimes it is impossible to outrun your past. This is true for Allie and David. They grew up a few towns away from each other at the same time but never met. In their adult life, they are struggling to deal with past traumas that they can’t run away from. The story follows both characters, switching from one perspective to the other every chapter. The book begins with secrets, and they continue to pile on throughout the story. Author Caesar Rondina explores murder, romance, and mystery in his story ‘Life Through a mirror. The book is filled with lots of twists and turns so as the reader you are constantly second-guessing and wondering. This makes the book hard to put down, and it is a quick read. Rondina writes in a unique manner, exploring his story is a way that really brings you into the lives of his characters and their feelings as you get to know them. I really liked getting to know Allie and David as characters. They have a lot of depth and a lot of time is giving to building them up into real people, people with pasts, hurts, wants…. Seeing the mirroring of their lives was really interesting, and I just couldn’t wait to find out if they ever got to meet! The story is exciting, fast passed, thrilling, and leaves you wanting more. I greatly enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it, if you love mystery, murder, romance, stories then this is a must-read. I am looking forward to seeing the story continue in the next book!  5-Stars

Life Through A Mirror Book 1 Murder Mystery Book
Life Through A Mirror Book 1 Murder Mystery Audiobook
The first in the Life Through A Mirror murder mystery series is coming in October 2018. It will be available in Print, E-Book, and AudioBook formats.  Silverton Audio is producing the audio sample trailer which will be available soon. I am honored to have the talented Award Winning NYT/USAT Best Selling Author Narrator Marnye Young narrating this project. Her voice breathes life into the words. The design excellence of the AudioBook cover was created by Jodielocks Cover Design. 
Allie came from a small New England town. David also came from the same area, but a few towns over. Growing up they never met. He loved the fast-paced life of the city. After college he moved to the big city. Two different ways of life. Both living and trying to survive in different environments. They both had a past. A past that followed them into their present, which was affecting their individual futures. No matter what they tried to do, their past was always there to haunt them. Two people hundreds of miles away and worlds apart. Could they ever meet? Will they ever meet? Will their paths ever cross?
Allie came from a broken home and had a stepfather who abused her from a young age. She had a criminal background as well as serving 10 years for manslaughter. Allie claimed she was not guilty.  However, an easy mark for the new hometown sheriff. Did she really commit the murder? Will there be more? She was a beautiful vivacious 35-year-old slender woman with long blonde hair that flowed down just short of the middle of her back boasting a loose natural curl towards the bottom. She had the looks worthy of any magazine cover. She had blue eyes and was perfectly proportioned for her size. Nothing was fake. She stood 5’7", and was breath-taking, and she knew it. Growing up she learned to use her attributes to her advantage. Using them by choice, for survival. As beautiful as she was, her past would always be in front of her rather than behind her. How could she clear her name? She had no money and when released from prison, was right back where she started.
     David also 35, came from a family that was off. After college, he moved to the big city. He loved the fast-paced lifestyle. Growing up, he never wanted for anything. He was a defense attorney for a large firm. He started at the bottom and was working his way up. He was paying his dues. He was disbarred for taking a bribe. He knew he was guilty but wondered if he was the fall guy for the large firm he worked for. 

He was convinced he was set up. Or was he? How could he fix it? He stood 6’1" and was well built. He worked out constantly since his high school and college days as a star football player. He had wavy light brown hair that would drape across his forehead. After he was disbarred, he could never practice law in that region again. Finding a job that made any type of money was difficult if not impossible. He had his past in front of him rather than behind him as well. Did he go back to his home town and also end up where he started? He had hit bottom. Drugs, gambling, women, a criminal element, and all that came with it. Could he move away from the big city where he might leave that past behind and start a new life?  As a child, he was always in some type of trouble. In his teens, and through college. Always finding his way into the wrong crowd. Taking chances. Illegal ones. Sleeping with any women he could. This was his lifestyle since high school. One that followed him to the big city. His mother and father were still happily married and quite successful. They knew nothing of these events. How could he tell them?


     Were David and Allie destined to meet? As their stories unfold you will take a journey through a romantic murder mystery thriller that makes you ask many questions. A tale of mystery, murder, and intrigue. Just how bad was their past? How does their past affect the present, their future alone, or together? Can they each overcome the obstacles they will face?  Will they find each other? Would fate bring them together? In this spine-tingling thriller, you will learn about each of their lives. The hard-core details. The unthinkable. Murder, sex, and the individual ghosts they face and need to overcome. Can they do it? Is it possible? The second in this series, "Life Through A Mirror, The Battle Rages On," is due for release in February 2019. The third in this series, "Life Through A Mirror, When Murder Calls is in the process of being written. Don't miss one word in this Life Through A Mirror series, as David, Allie, and the family will captivate your mind and steal your heart. 

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