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From The
Life Through A Mirror
Murder Mystery Trilogy


This book is dedicated to my family who has supported me throughout my journey and to every individual who enjoys a good murder mystery. I appreciate every reader, not just the ones that follow me, but all readers. Your dedication keeps a wonderful form of creativity, expression, and art alive. I would like to thank all those who have supported me along this path.

  Book Review

 Amazon - Catherine Kuenzel -    I have to say I loved the first book and couldn’t wait for the sequel. Sometimes the sequels are disappointing but not this one. I now own many of this authors works. He is a terrific writer and this murder mystery was terrific. I have fallen in love with these two incredible characters. Thank you. I love murder mysteries. Read this one you won’t be disappointed!  5 Stars


Life Through A Mirror The Battle Rages On Book 2 Murder Mystery Book
Life Through A Mirror The Battle Rages Book 2 Murder Mystery Audiobook

In the first book of the continuing murder mystery series, “Life through a Mirror,” you met individuals who had a great influence on Allie and David. Their past, present, and what might be their future. Allie and David had never met. Eventually, they would meet during their quest to fix their past and clear their names. As the plot developed, strong family bonds were developed. Challenges arose that almost destroyed their family and relationship. Allie came from a small New England town. She had a past. Prostitution and stealing were all she knew. She needed to survive. She was charged and convicted of manslaughter and served ten years in prison.  
     David also came from a New England town. He was raised two towns over from Allie. It was a much larger town. Growing up, they never met. After college, he took a job in New York as a criminal defense attorney. David and his best friend Paulie attended many parties and had many women. They fell into a trap set by a crime family. They fell prey to money, cars, drugs, drinking, women, and gambling. Debts always need to be paid. Nothing comes free. The result from these actions would lead to David losing his job and ability to practice law in that region. He lost it all. Paulie also lost his job, and slowly became more involved in the crime family. Allie and David were stuck in a tangled web. A silky web spun by many spiders to catch their prey. Allie and David would have to fight harder than before to break free of this web. A web that could destroy their family and everything they have achieved.

     Will David and Allie go back to what they were? Will there be other options? Many times, people are forced into situations. It will take cunning as well as the ability to stick together to escape the web strung by the spiders in the second in the “life Through A Mirror, The Battle Rages On” murder mystery series. As you read “Life Through A Mirror, The Battle Rages On,” you will find at times, trouble follows people. Would trouble follow David and Allie? The truth can be bent, twisted, and made to appear like anything other than the truth. Will the truth be revealed as Allie and David have their past continue to haunt them and face new challenges and murder? Murder never comes neatly wrapped in a box and a pretty bow.       

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