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The Last Book 
from the 
Life Through A Mirror
Murder Mystery Trilogy
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This book is dedicated to my family who continues to support me throughout my journey and to every individual who enjoys a good murder mystery. I appreciate every reader, not just the ones that read my books, but all readers. Your dedication keeps a wonderful form of creativity, expression, and art alive. I would like to thank all those who have supported me along this path.


Life Through A Mirror When Murder Calls Book 3 Murder Mystery Book
Life Through A Mirror When Murder Calls Book 3 Murder Mystery Audiobook

     In the first two books in the murder-mystery series, “Life through a Mirror,” many individuals had an influence on Allie and David. Their present and what could be their future. Allie and David both struggled as they fought to clear themselves of murder charges. At times, they almost gave up. They found a way to survive and keep their lives together and move in a positive direction. Murder always seemed to bend that path. In the first in this series, they both managed to clear their past to live for the present. In the second in this series, they had to clear up a murder to save their present and their hopes for a future. A future they were desperately fighting to have together. As each story developed, strong family bonds were formed. As other people entered their lives and became part of their growing family, the bonds grew deeper. In this series, many of the things left unknown in the first two books will surface, creating greater challenges for them. Challenges that could destroy all they have achieved. Ghosts from the past resurface, which could destroy their family and marriage. Everyone has a skeleton hiding in his or her closet waiting to be released. Will these skeletons destroy what they have built? Will Allie and David forget how hard they have fought to survive and save their love for one another?     

     Max was Ray’s contact when he was undercover in Vincent’s crime family for five and a half years. They became very good friends. Max murdered him, and Ray wanted him back. They were exhausting all avenues to find him. Video camera monitoring, facial recognition, as well as tapping into every informant they had. However, Rivera was not stupid and knew how to avoid these measures. Those on the street were afraid of him. He was a lunatic and unpredictable. No one was talking. Ray was at a dead end. Even with all the public publicity, most of the reported sightings by the public were fake. Ray had to do something.

     The digital images were sent via satellite link to a computer system that could be tied to any agency's facial recognition programs. They could view a subject and have a possible match within minutes if they were on file in any system, providing they received the required permission to access those systems. Warrants were not required to obtain permission. Ray could get this access approved. These drones cost were very expensive, and Russell did not want to risk losing one. They each had a flying time of six to eight hours. They were equipped with electric motors powered by a specially designed onboard battery that was recharged in flight through a military designed solar panel system that was part of the drone’s construction. The uplink and downlink to control the drones were also done via satellites. Therefore, the operator could be anywhere. 

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