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This book is dedicated to that have fought many internal battles in their life. Life in fact is an internal struggle. To all those who have had the tenacity to overcome them. The battle between good and evil. The battle that is different for each of us. To every warrior coming home from battle and the internal struggle they face each day to get back to a normal life. We are all warriors.


The Warrior Within Anger Management Self Help Book
"Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90%
how you react to it." - Charles R. Swindoll

There's a warrior within each of us. What does it take for our warrior to appear? This book will discuss the warrior within all of us. We explore behavioral traits, communications skills, how to control our warrior and when not to.  Yes. There are times we need to react. We will identify what makes our warrior appear and the consequences and effects it has on us, and others. Our warrior can be described as Anger, which is the main focus of this book. Stress, anxiety, as well as our built in defense mechanisms. Everyone’s warrior has a different trigger that awakes it. Something that will wake them up and cause an attack, come to our defense, or be the cause of our demise. The important thing about the warrior in each of us is determining when and if we need it. Like any weapon, we must know how to deploy it. If we choose that path, can control it? Or  will it control us.? Causing a situation that can lead to a potential bad, or fatal outcome. Life is about choices, not excuses. We make choices in our life every day. Many times a day without realizing it. Often times reality is, many are just excuses. Many times these choices are made out of haste, disgust, attempts at change, or at times a simple defensive or offensive response to a situation.

With any choice comes risk. Pros, cons, benefits, and disasters. Can we control those outcomes? Do we have a responsibility to others for the choices we make? In many cases things will get worse before they get better. Can we survive that waiting period of time, or do we need instant gratification? It all starts with us knowing ourselves, our limits, and methods of conflict resolution. Have we achieved our desired end result? Do we fear or consider that end result. If so, what do we fear? Is your life in order? Meaning, the order that we set by the way we choose to start and proceed as we attempt to reach our end goal. We all know that life will split into many paths as we take this  journey through life. You won’t always know which path is the quickest, the hardest, or the correct one. The one that will take you all around the mountain rather than over it. How do you know which path is the right path? If you choose the wrong path, how do you get out before you reach a dead-end street?

I am not a doctor. I am merely an individual with an overabundance of life experience. This came as a result of  my profession in the pre-hospital care health care field in a high volume system. I worked as a paramedic and now a retired professional firefighter. I cared for over 76,000 patients during my career. In every situation you can possibly imagine, and then some. As we all do, I learned valuable lessons. Most of mine were learned as a result of life and death situations. If I haven't seen it, it's only because it hasn't happened yet. Our greatest knowledge and experience comes from what we've learned from each other. Read the stories, the experiences, the science, and the facts about anger. How it can work to your advantage, or cause your hardship.  Learn about one of the most important determining factors in life. Situational Manipulation.  Life is not just a story. It's your story. You can chose how it is written. Find out all this and more when you read, "The Warrior Within."

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