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WHAT'S YOUR FANTASY? (Or maybe your imagination, dreams, or illusions?)

Before I begin I would like to thank all those that viewed my Easter and Passover message on my YouTube channel. It received over 15,000 views. Thank you.


Did you ever go to a movie and come out feeling like you were the character? Say for instance the movie, Top Gun. You come out feeling like you could, OR WANT TO, fly jets fighters. How about a Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal movie? You walk out feeling like you are, WISH YOU WERE, or WANT TO BE, a martial arts expert. The same concept applies to love stories, action movies, and any other type of movie. Most like movies. Whether they go out to see one, or watch one at home. Also, we all have a preference of what we like. Romance, action, violence, scary movies, ones with or without sexual content, etc. Our personal preferences. However, how does all of this apply to how we live?


We all have fantasies, dreams, and some form of an imagination. Often times, we live these out through the process of daydreaming. Yes, we all daydream. I think our minds do that automatically when we need a few moments from reality. No one has the perfect life. We see celebrities or sports figures that make millions. Later on the news at some point, there may be a scandal, about them. Do you realize how many high figure income athletes and celebrities blow through their money? How many times have you? I believe we would be hard-pressed to find anyone who came into a substantial amount of money, and to some degree, their lives would not change. Face it, we ALL have faced good times as well as bad, regardless of whether it was due to money, relationships, children, or anything else for that matter. We must NEVER look at anyone and think their life is perfect. The only difference MIGHT be where the decimal point falls. The struggles are real, and the same. In some cases, worse.


We temporarily escape our problems through our imagination, dreams, or our fantasies. I stated earlier, many times we do this through the process if daydreaming. However, many do this through the process, in a sense, of living two lives. Meaning, if they fantasize about something, many times their reaction or action will be a result of what their fantasy is. Most of us have done this one time or another. Have you ever really liked a movie or TV character, or even a friend or family member, to the point that you wish you were like that them? Now, in a situation, the first thought you may have is, "how would xxxxx handle this?" Well, do not think there is something wrong with you, there is not. It is fun and healthy in the sense that if could reduce some anxiety about a particular moment or event. Yet, it could also be quite damaging if you forget who you are and don't make your choices based on you. That can be a fine line that is easily crossed depending on how you view your fantasy.


We all daydream. Sometimes we need to get away, for whatever reason. We may daydream about our upcoming vacation plans, or what we may be doing with someone special, or just daydreaming about when we get the heck out of work. We stay in that place until something bursts our bubble. This is also NOT unhealthy. In a sense, it's our minds way of protecting itself. However, any form of escape can become unhealthy if that fantasy is an obsession, or something bad. This where we get into the problem when dealing with those with some form of mental disorder, or sexual disorder.


These worlds I mentioned are the worlds that writers live in. What provides them their opportunity of creativity. What is your fantasy, how active is your imagination, and what do you dream of? The biggest question you need to ask yourself is, do you look at these things as your REALITY, or do you understand they are an ILLUSION? As much as you come out of a superman movie and would love to fly, you must realize you can't. As much as you would love that perfect TV show family life where money is never a problem, no one ever argues, and the sex is always great, you must understand that it is not reality, and probably not yours. That short moments of escape through daydreaming and not accepting reality could lead to increased expectations, disappointment, and possibly depression. All of which can destroy the great life you have. Dreams are also a manifestation of what we want for ourselves. Never give up on your dreams, and if you work hard enough, dreams can come true. In the meantime, enjoy those moments of escape, engaging your imagination, or visualizing your fantasy through daydreaming. However, don't cross the line. Do not forget your reality. Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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