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A Message of Hope

Happy new year to all. My regular blog posts will resume on January 11th., at 10:30 pm EST. My first post of this new year will be a video post. With the recent events at our nation's capital yesterday, and with all the media coverage of doom and gloom, somewhere in all of this, we must learn something.

For every possible reason, you can think of, legitimate or not, people are enraged. To say that the events of yesterday were tragic is an understatement. The loss of life and those that were injured are events that should have been and could have been avoided. Somewhere through all of this, there is a lesson. Certainly not a lesson learned from all the tragedy of protests throughout the summer. But there is a lesson.

Never will violence and destruction lead to any form of positive change or reap a positive outcome. Violence and destruction only breed more of the same. The sad part is, it's only a very small few that cause these events to escalate as the rest look on.

This not something the government can fix. This is something only we as people can fix by not allowing those who start these escalations to continue. We as people, must step in and not allow it to happen because rarely is it the instigators that suffer, it's usually the innocent. What is worse, is that these events take the hope away from the people and a nation. We are a great nation and one that needs to set an example.

We are a nation of diversity. Every race, color, and creed suffers from the events that occurred yesterday. The sad part is, as I read the various posts on different social media sites, most are not in shock that this occurred at our nation's capital. Actually, many expected it. Is this what we want as a people and a nation? Do we want to lose hope?

My message is a simple and basic one. No single person can change a culture or way of thinking. Just as no one single individual can move a mountain. However, as a people and a nation, we can change a culture and move a mountain. We can bring back the hope that has been lost by so many. Bring back the days when you cared about your neighbor, we helped others and were part of a nation that set the bar for the world to follow.

I want to ask you one question and I want you to really think about it, regardless of your age, because if you are young, you may have children in the future, if you are middle-aged, you may have children now, and if you are older, you may have grandchildren. Here is the question:


The time has come to move past this, move forward, and be and act like the people and nation we know we are. That is my message to you all. It's not complicated or hard to understand. NEVER give up HOPE. Never sacrifice your morals and values, and knowledge between what is right and what is wrong. Only together can we make our nation a better place for us, and future generations. God Bless.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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