This topic was not a requested topic. Actually, I wanted to write about this because of a post a friend of mine shared from an article she read. It inspired me to write about this because I have first-hand knowledge, and have seen it. There are no facts or data that I will be referring to because frankly, none are kept the two issues I will be discussing. No one in their right mind would ever keep data on this. However, it's real. Many of my readers know my background, but for those who do not, I spent a total of just under 40 years in pre-hospital medicine working as a career firefighter and paramedic. During my career, I cared for 76,251 patients. Yes. I kept my own count. I always say, if I haven't seen it, it's might be because it hasn't happened yet. Yes, I've seen a great deal. Not only from the provider and first responder standpoint, but also the corporate standpoint. Where and who I worked for is irrelevant because this is a system wide problem.


First allow me to state that is a given, and perfectly understandable, that any company MUST turn a profit. No company can survive if they are not making money. Many of these companies, especially in the commercial ambulance services want to do more, but would not get reimbursed by insurance companies and the necessary changes that are required to do this are at best, a nightmare due to the changes that may have to be made at the level of the state legislature. However, whether the best intentions are there, the corporate America mentally id terrible when it comes to workers. Not just in medicine, but in all aspects of corporate America.

For years, our society has been plagued with the corporate America attitude of, and I have heard this said directly, "If you don't like it leave, I have 200 applications on my desk of people just waiting to take your job." One of the first jobs I had in management many years back, they sent me and one other to a country I will not name, for a two-week seminar as to why they had great productivity and an excellent relationship with their workers. My co-worker and I were in shock. What this company was doing was exactly what needed to be done to increase productivity and make the employee want to work and do a good quality job. I witnessed people volunteering to stay late as long as necessary to make production for that day after the production line was down for three hours being repaired. The keyword here is VOLUNTEER.

We brought back many of these concepts in a full written report. Mind you, this was tried and proven to be successful. The response was, "we'll never do that." Again, witnessed first hand. Most companies promote a TEAM environment, yet, do nothing to make employees feel like part of the team. Here's a good example, at a meeting it was said, "I want to run this by you all for your opinion, but I have already made up my mind what I'm going to do." My first thought was, if you already made up your mind, why are you wasting my time?


There are many other examples I could give, however, I think I've made my point. This type of corporate attitude leads to:

1. Unhappy workers,

2. Workers that do not want to come to work,

3. A non-productive work force,

4. Poor employee/company relations,

5. Lack of caring.