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The Trump Phenomena - Is it a mystery?


Greetings to all. Politics and politicians are two of the most challenging and controversial subjects to discuss. Many people are either misinformed or not adequately informed. Therefore, many conflicting opinions exist; most people do not research things independently. They take the word of what they read or are told as the gospel truth. This leads to great controversy in the political arena. However, whether we realize it or not, politics plays a significant role in our lives. Both locally and on a federal level. Our leaders' decisions affect all of us, whether correct, wrong, or indifferent.

Unless I specifically state a comment is my opinion, I pride myself on posting fact-based posts without bias. The problem with facts is that often, the facts conflict with what someone thinks or believes. This is referred to as opinions. Therefore, we have controversy. We must be open-minded and remember, like them or not, the facts are the facts, and the numbers don't lie. The results of our leaders' decisions become our life's reality.

Over time, I have received numerous emails requesting I discuss the issues surrounding former President Trump. Is it possible that some believe I am level-headed?

So why me? The answer to that question is simple. You do not need to be a political analyst to have common sense and a sense of right from wrong. Donald Trump is probably the most controversial subject in our present times. He is the most talked about person on every network news media station. I am not a legal expert and undoubtedly not privy to all the details of the various cases Mr. Trump is involved with. Therefore, it would not be fair for me to discuss the individual cases against him from a legal standpoint. Consequently, I will not get into the details surrounding all the legal matters that former President Trump faces.

That said, research the facts, and you can easily decide for yourself, if you are not biased, whether or not these cases are fair and equal and have merit. I prefer to discuss the mystique surrounding the man himself. With all the false and biased reporting, I believe knowing the man and underlying views surrounding former President Trump is more important.

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Before I begin, I understand that many may disagree with this post's statements due to people's personal beliefs and opinions. That is your right. I respect your opinions. That said, in the interest of fairness, you also must respect mine, knowing the truth and the facts cannot be ignored, regardless of what anyone believes. We don't have to like or agree with them, but we must accept them.

I titled this post "The Trump Phenomena" for a reason. That reason is because Donald Trump defies all odds. When most would quit and walk away, he does not. No matter what is thrown at him, he stands his ground and fights for what he believes is right, and surprisingly, for many, this gained him increasing support rather than hurting his popularity or poll numbers. Poll numbers are not the end-all. They are simply a tool to gauge how people react at the time. These numbers can change drastically at any time. Therefore, never take them to the bank.

To understand anything, we must peel back the layers to get what is inside. We never know what is inside until we peel back those layers. Like they say, "You never know anyone until you live with them." On the surface, everyone can make others perceive them as they wish. However, the surface is only a temporary image. An image that fades with time as we get to know anyone. We can see the man as we peel back the layers of Donald Trump.

It is said that there are two types of people. Leaders and followers. I present to you that it is incorrect. There are three.

  1. Leader - a leader will forge new paths forward, promote unity and team spirit,

  2. Follower - this person will just with the flavor of the day,

  3. THE IGNORANT - these people are neither leaders nor followers. They will do nothing at all yet still complain.

Many might say Donald Trump is running again to achieve more power. If that is the case, that ship has already sailed. He gained the presidency once. If power were his motive, he had already won that battle. Why would he do it again and run the risk of losing? Anyone who has achieved everything they set out to do at this time in their life, most would sit back, enjoy their wealth, and live out the rest of their life. NOT Donald Trump. Therefore, as we peel back the layers, what does that tell us, and what do we see?

We see a successful businessman who has obtained great wealth and power. In reality, he can exercise and achieve greater power in the private sector than he can as President. He does not need approval from the House or the Senate in the private sector. He can be the ultimate God in his domain. Therefore, does it make sense that it is about power? He already has as much of that as he needs. Thus, we must peel the layers back further and see what else is inside.

My entire adult career was as a businessman, firefighter, and paramedic. I have seen life and, sadly, death. I have seen people at their best and, sadly, most times, at their worst. Tens of thousands of them. Through these encounters, after a while, you get to know people. You gain the ability to read them. Peel back their layers. You MUST gain that skill to survive in that environment, or the job will eat your life away.

Let's be clear. I do not know former President Donald Trump. I have never met him, nor have I ever seen him live. However, I would enjoy meeting him. As I researched him, I have learned much about him. I find him to be an interesting and intelligent individual who displays strong beliefs and is fearless and committed to those beliefs. I have respect for solid leadership and committed individuals, regardless of their political affiliation. When putting out a fire or trying to save a life, quitting is not an option. Therefore, you learn to respect those who also do not quit.

As we grow, the best gift we have been blessed with is the ability to learn. When we can learn something from anyone, we become better individuals. A true saying is, "When you want to become smarter, hang out with people smarter than you." Politics is a dirty business. It should not be. In a perfect world, when someone wins an election, the country should rally and support them. However, many politicians are so radical in their thinking, this has become impossible. Politicians have forgotten that it is not about their personal agendas, it is about the agenda of the people and what is best for the nation.

To achieve the purpose of this post, I spent weeks researching Donald Trump. I was shocked by the things that I found. Everything in his life can be found on the internet. To go through them all would make this a book, not a blog post. However, when you peel back all the layers, you can understand why he is a strong, fearless, and committed individual. No one can sustain or reach the plateau that Donald Trump has if they did not have those traits. You can form your own opinions. These are NOT biased statements. They are based on the facts.

Many people, and probably most people, pass judgment on others. It is a human characteristic. Consequently, that comes with many dangers. Many fail to realize that passing judgment about others based on superficial observations or preconceived notions can have serious consequences. Consequences for both the individual being judged and the person doing the judging. This behavior not only perpetuates harmful stereotypes and prejudices but also creates a toxic environment where empathy and understanding are replaced with harsh criticism and unfair comparisons. Remember what the bible says.

Matthew 7:NIV "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

Let's begin.


What is a phenomena? "A phenomena is a fact or situation observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question., or a remarkable person, thing, or event." Courtesy of Google. All of these political attacks, and make no mistake, they are political attacks against Donald Trump, make people support him even more. To date, all the attempts to discredit him have not appeared to hurt his political support from the people of this country who support him. If anything, people's attempts to discredit him have made him more popular.

This is a unique situation with Donald Trump that has never happened to any former President. Therefore, it fits the definition. Trump is a phenomena. Many Trump supporters are loyal. People are not stupid. They can see what is going on around them. Also, the data and studies show that 88% of people root for the underdog. (Reference) So, what is the mystique about Donald Trump?

People view Trump as the underdog because of those going after him in their attempts to discredit him during this election cycle—one legal case after another. All deriving from individuals from the opposing political party have initiated each case. Former President Trump displays the tenacity to stand up to these accusations and fight for what he believes is right at significant personal cost. He refers to it as a "witch hunt," and it certainly does appear to be that way. This causes two primary outcomes. First, it portrays him as being needlessly attacked, which portrays him as the victim and underdog. Secondly, people feel he is strong and willing to fight for what is right. Therefore, he will fight for what suits the American people and the country. Their efforts to discredit him have only made people support him more.

Let's look at one example, and these are facts that we all know. President Biden and Hillary Clinton had top secret documents and were NOT authorized to remove or keep them. They were NOT prosecuted, even though they had no right to take them. Yet, Former President Trump, who did have the right to take them as all past presidents do and declassify them, is being prosecuted. This raises the question of deciding whether our justice system is corrupt vs. fair and equal. Hence, the theory of a two-tiered justice system. Is this democracy? Is this the justice system we want?

You know all the other issues if you watch the news, and those issues vary in explanation depending on the biased news network you watch. However, the facts are the facts. Since every case against Trump is initiated from a Democratic source, and others who have done the same without having the authority to do so were not prosecuted, it is easy to understand why people feel we have a two-tiered justice system and former President Trump is being treated unfairly.

Is this how we as a country define democracy and our justice system? In an equal justice system, the law is applied equally to all, regardless of political affiliation. As I stated earlier, I am not a legal expert. However, when an Attorney General of any state campaigns on the promises to "get" someone and targets them, does anyone need to be a legal expert to know right from wrong? When a judge has made it clear before a case even begins that an individual will not win, is this judge biased? Would you want your case to be heard and judged by this type of judge?

There are other examples regarding the attacks on Donald Trump. Today the Supreme Court ruled in Donald Trumps' favor that states cannot take him off the voting ballots in their states. This is an example of how some states try to manipulate the word of law to fit their agenda. This is why we have the Supreme Court. This is a further example of the attacks against Donald Trump. This is why politics has gotten out of control. With that said, until proven otherwise, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt while keeping an open mind and not turning a blind eye to what is going on.

Therefore, in this case, common sense tells us that no state can take the rights away from voters without just cause to choose a candidate for themselves. We must remember the facts in this case. The charges facing Donald Trump are only accusations. Donald Trump has not been convicted of any crime. Regardless of your personal feelings, those are the facts. Remember what I said about the numbers and the facts. They do not lie. You do not have to like them, but you cannot dispute them. After careful consideration regarding this matter, the Supreme Court made the correct decision. Furthermore, it supports many claims that since all these cases have been initiated by the Democrats, while they do not scrutinize those in their own party for doing the same things they accuse Donald Trump of, pure logic and common sense show us that until proven otherwise, these are direct attacks against Donald Trump in their attempt to discredit Donald Trump. It also makes sense that many may view this as election interference. It is up to you to decide for yourself, but do not ignore the facts.

Furthermore, this leads me to ask myself another important question. Is this the way a true democracy is supposed to work? Is it fair and equal for all? Is it a state where Democracy is often said to mean "Rule by the people?" Ruling by methods that are accomplished by the leaders we elect, which are supposed to lead by the will of the people. At the very least, this is a slippery slope because no matter what party is leading, they can only please some of the people some of the time, but they will never please all of the people all of the time. Therefore, has the true meaning and spirit of politics gotten lost in the shuffle? Meanings such as compromise, will of the people, for the benefit of the many, not the one, or not for personal gain? Just to name a few. Isn't this an intersting set of questions?

Often, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of another to view things from a different perspective. These are only a couple of examples. However, these actions targeting an individual, whether during an election cycle or not, have NEVER been used against other political figures. It certainly makes it appear in the eyes of many Americans to be unfair and corrupt.

Donald Trump lost to Biden in 2020. However, he is returning even stronger than his run in 2016. There are many different views and opinions on why Trump lost in 2020; for this post, there is no reason to discuss them. Those waters are already over the dam and downriver. However, the support Donald Trump is receiving from his supporters is tremendous, hence, the Trump phenomena because many do not understand it. No one is perfect. I do believe Donald Trump made some mistakes in his 2020 election campaign. Mistakes that hurt him.

The two main parties, referring to Democrats and Republicans, are not the same parties they were decades ago. We now have extreme left and extreme right thinking in both parties. I believe that to vote for someone according to party lines just because you are affiliated with that party is ridiculous. Times have changed. I will vote for who I believe will do the job for the American people and our country, regardless of their or my political affiliation. Therefore, if you want my vote, you better prove to me you are the one who is capable of delivering that. We deserve no less.


Many news commentators ask, "Are we better off now than we were four years ago?" How do you answer that question for yourself? Today, over 60% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. Personal credit card debt is at an all-time high because people charge their groceries, utilities, and other necessities to survive. Our foreign policies are a mess, and our border is in disarray. By the end of 2024, it is estimated that over 10 million unvetted migrants will be allowed to enter our country. The truth is, that number will probably be much higher. We can track the ones that our border control sees; we can track got-a-ways, which are those that crossed that the border control saw but did not catch. However, it is difficult to estimate how many crossed our border undetected. Just ask yourself if you are living better today than four years ago. That will give you your answer and assist you in how you vote in November, regardless of your party affiliation.

The results are that Crime is up and continues to rise, deaths from drug overdoses are up, and the American working taxpayer is footing the bill. An example of this problem is the needless loss of life and murder of Laken Riley. A 22-year-old nursing student out for a morning run who was attending the University of Georgia. How would you feel if you were her parents, family, and friends? Some migrants display no respect for our country, and right now, it appears to be open season in the United States. They look at us as the hand-out nation. Come in and get it all for free.

Biden released thousands from military service when they refused to take a vaccine, yet allows these migrants to enter our country without any vaccine requirements. What do they think the health risks could be? Many are from nations we are not friendly with. Many, especially the Chinese, are young men of military service age. I ask you, is there even the slightest chance of terrorist cells being formed within our borders that can make it much easier to attack us internally, similar to another 9-1-1 or worse? An American citizen cannot get on a plane without being thoroughly checked while these migrants are let in and walk our streets. This all speaks to national security risks. Regardless of your party affiliation. These are just a few of the issues and concerns the American people have and what we are facing. Our are leaders asleep at the wheel? Our government is being reactive, not proactive.

As an American citizen, try to get a free bus ticket or airfare to visit a friend or relative. Let me know how that works for you. However, as a migrant, our country will transport you to any state at any time for free. The American people are fed up with this as this issue becomes the number one issue in the upcoming presidential election. The numbers do not lie. Every poll shows that at least or close to 86% of people are unhappy with our border policies. A clear message that our present leaders should be learning is, if they continue to support these policies, do not plan on running for re-election because you will lose. When we vote for any government leader at any level of government, this is our opportunity to institute change. Failure to do so makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution.

In addition, we are now involved in supporting two wars, with the possibility of a third with China should they invade Taiwan. The Democrats and the Republicans have never been further apart, and our nation is divided by a man who promised to unite us. Inflation and interest rates are up. The average young couple cannot afford to buy a home. Rents are ridiculously high, gas prices are soaring, and food costs are uncontrollable. Democratic sanctuary cities are now being pushed to their limits, and their leaders are finally realizing they cannot support this influx of people and are striking back against their own political party. Some of our most beautiful cities have been turned into a dumping ground, which promotes increased crime and drug use. Yet, many say times are better. I don't see it. Will someone show me where, please?

Not to mention our national debt; no one knows how long it will take to get that down. It will probably go up higher to get us out of the mess we're in before we can begin to lower it. This will dramatically affect our children and grandchildren for years to come. I do not believe that anyone can dispute, based on the numbers, that times are not better now. These were NOT issues during the Trump administration, and it is undoubtedly not Trump's administration's fault that we had to deal with COVID-19. If you took the time to research all the money paid out during the pandemic, much of the money in those relief bills was unrelated to COVID-19 spending. However, it was a way for some politicians to fund their agendas, and many people and cities took advantage of that money.

Were all the decisions President Trump made the right ones? No. No one does the right thing 100% of the time, and at times, certain decisions that are not popular must be made. However, these should be the exception, not the rule. No one is perfect. However, during the Trump administration, we were not supporting two wars, with the possibility of a third on the way. There is a strength and fear that came with the Trump administration that other world leaders were unprepared to challenge. That was lost in 2020. Now, other world leaders see us as weak with President Biden. It has become an opportunity for them to strike with minimal repercussions. The leader of the free world cannot afford to show weakness. Strength comes from others NOT knowing what the other will do and choosing not to risk the alternatives. As it is said, "POWER THROUGH STRENGTH."


That is correct. No one is perfect. Trump made his share of mistakes, as all Presidents do. However, none had the devastating effects on the country that we have now. Through all of this, Trump stands tall. With all his wealth, why would he even want to bother? Why not just enjoy the years you have left? People like Donald Trump don't think that way. Whether it is their quest for power, control, or to make things right again, some individuals do not give up. That is the phenomena surrounding former President Donald Trump. He is the underdog under attack; people see it, know it, and continue to support him.

That said, we still do not know, nor can we be sure, what the election results in November will be. It is still a long time away, and anything can happen. Nothing is written in stone. A phenomena is often something we do not understand. However, it makes us curious as to why it is happening.


Donald Trump was the 45th President of the United States. He captured global attention with his unorthodox approach to politics and controversial statements. From his unexpected rise to political power to his unique presidency, Donald Trump has been a larger-than-life figure whose actions have sparked intense debates and discussions. As we delve into the phenomena behind Donald Trump, we are provided the opportunity to view the factors that have shaped his persona, political career, and our country.

One of the critical points behind Donald Trump is his status as a political outsider. Before his political involvement, Donald Trump was better known as a real estate mogul and reality TV star. His lack of political experience and unconventional approach to campaigning set him apart from traditional politicians. These traits appealed to voters frustrated with the present establishment and seeking a change from the status quo. It was time to break up the good ole boy club. "THE SWAMP."

His unique communication is another phenomena that has contributed to Trump's success. Trump's blunt and often controversial remarks have drawn both criticism and admiration. His use of social media, particularly Twitter, now "X," allowed him to bypass traditional media channels and connect directly with his supporters. Was that his choice, or did the lack of news media coverage and biased reporting force him to take to social media? However, Trump's simple and direct communication skills have enabled him to cultivate a solid and loyal base of followers. People like to hear it as it is. It is straightforward, simple, and direct. Just tell me what you will do for me and do it.

Trump has a larger-than-life aire and charisma that surrounds him. His bold confidence and self-confident manner relate to his supporters. His supporters see him as a strong and decisive leader. Trump's ability to project strength and authority led his path and kept other world leaders in check. Many supporters believed Trump would restore America to greatness, and until the pandemic, he did that.

Trump knew how to tap into the frustrations and fears of working-class Americans. Trump could rally support from those who felt neglected by the political elite. His promises to prioritize the interests of ordinary citizens and "Drain the swamp" reached the hearts of many voters who believed their voices were not being heard.

However, Trump's presidency has been marked by controversy, conflict, and division. His divisive policies, inflammatory narrative, and aggressive approach to governing, at times, have fueled tensions within the country and on the global stage. Trump's willingness to challenge what some would consider "the norm" has allowed him to gain praise from his supporters and alienated those who criticized him.

Some might say these are good traits, and others might say different. In this writer's opinion, these methods were effective and successful. Everything was down - illegal migrants, inflation, cost of goods, groceries, gas, unemployment, intrest rates, the stock market thrived, people had more money, and personal debt was lower. We were not involved with funding two wars. The biased media was against Donald Trump from day one. That was present, apparent, and obvious. Yet, through all this adversity, Donald Trump remains just as strong of an individual as ever, and possibly stronger in his convictions. In addition, how the media disrespected our First Lady, Melania Trump, was a disgrace. While watching the RNC convention that year, I remember thinking to myself, I had never heard of anything that Melania Trump did as First Lady during the Trump administration on the news. I was shocked as to how much she did through his administration.

Is it safe to say he was the underdog in the 2016 election cycle, as President, in the 2020 election cycle, and still now in the 2024 election cycle? The facts are clear. The left fears him, and the media tries to destroy him, and legally, they constantly attack him. I ask you. What do you see when you peel back the layers? I see a man standing and willing to fight for what he believes in when he could throw in the towel and walk away, and all of his troubles would probably disappear. Yet, he still stands tall and fights. I believe this man has the best interest of the people and the country at heart. That is my opinion.


We must all form our own opinions and views. However, in doing so, we must not forget the facts. The phenomena surrounding Donald Trump are complex. Trump learned a lot during his first presidency, in this writer's opinion. Remember, politics was a new arena for him. However, an arena that he now knows well. Many see a different Donald Trump now than back at the end of and during the 2020 election cycle. Many problems, especially in our justice system, need attention. It will take a strong individual and leader to project that strength and power as a person and as a nation. Time will tell who that leader will be.

Running a country is similar to running a business. A President has advisors in all areas, but he/she must be a strong business person. Running a successful business takes conviction, strength, determination, and experience, as well as the ability to portray those traits to others. Running a nation requires that and more. The Presidency of the United States should not be a training camp to learn those skills or an office to hold that someone is incapable or unqualified to hold. President Trump learned some valuable political lessons during his first term as President. I believe the most important lesson was who to trust, who supported him, and who betrayed him while learning and navigating the ropes of politics. He now has a tight hold on the reigns and knows how to tell these politicians apart.

Many are concerned because they do not want a repeat of the chaos that occurred in the 2020 election. However, I believe this is a turning point for our country that can bring us back to prosperity, or dig us a deeper rabbit hole. As voters, we should not let our own bias make our choices, rather, we should exam the facts so we can make an informed choice, regardless of your political affiliation.

I believe I have been successful in stating the facts and not writing a biased post. However, I also said I reserve the right to my opinion, which I will state now because many who emailed me wanted to know my opinion. Although I have mentioned some faults that Donald Trump had, and we must know that no on is perfect. I believe that Donald Trump has learned well from his first experience in the ballpark. I believe, without reservation, that he has the best interest of the people and nation at heart. I further believe and there is no doubt in my mind we were better off four years ago than we are now. I fully support and endorse Donald Trump based on the facts and the numbers. Never forget. The facts and the numbers never lie.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please subscribe to my blog, YouTube, or Vimeo Channels. Thank you.

Please feel free to leave comments, or if you have a topic you would like me to discuss, you can email me at Thank you.

Be safe, stay well, and focus on being happy. And remember to always:

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Live your best life. 

Best Regards,

Caesar Rondina


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