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Who Is Really Against Whom?


Before I begin, when it comes to the well-being of people, there are no politics, there is no left or right. It's about caring for people. I am sure you all join me in wishing a speedy recovery for our President, Donald Trump, our First Lady, and all our legislative leaders that have been stricken with this horrible virus, as well as all others. These men and women are more interactive with the public than most. Regardless of the precautions they take, this virus has no boundaries as to whom it affects, and at any time, any of us can be it's victim. My best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all.

Writers talk to people. I talk to people. I attend many gatherings. Of course, safely, but if you really want to get a sense of what is going on in the world and the way people actually think, you must interact with them. Every person who knows me knows that I do not have one prejudice bone in my body, and discuss any topic intelligently with anyone. I have been blessed with the gift to be able to see things not only through my eyes, but more importantly, through the eyes of others. That is a rare gift in this world and our present society. I'm successful at it because I did not lead a sheltered life. I have been out in the world, and my earlier career placed me in some of the best places, as well as some of the worst places.


I've been in the most lavish of neighborhoods, as well as the impoverished neighborhoods. What most people do not realize is, no matter where you are, no matter how much or how little people have, they all share one thing. Everyone has something they complain about. Imagine being so rich that you don't know if people like you for your money, or for you as a person. Does your partner love you and stay with you for you, or your money? Imagine being so poor, that you don't know how you will feed your family, or make sure your children have the same opportunities as other children. The moral being, although the issues may be different, everyone has issues, and issues affect everyone. At some point during each day, everyone is alone. When we are alone, that is when we think, and our issues bother us. As time goes by, they bother us more and more.


Are we mice that are led around through a maze created by others? Maybe we are victims of our own circumstances. Or, it might be possible, that as a people, or society, we have lost the ability to make up our own minds because of the things we read and hear about as ASSUME are true. Are you the master of your own destiny, or does your destiny rely on others? Maybe you are walking down a path that has no end.

It is human nature that when people become frustrated, and we all do, we look for sign. No, not a billboard on the side of the road, but something, anything, to provide us with HOPE. Can we be that little mouse that day after day goes through the same maze, and constantly hits a dead end? Never finding the way out? Does anything I am saying apply to the way you sometimes feel?


You all know I love the term; Cause and Effect. I talk about it in many of my posts. Why, because it is fact. Whatever causes us to do anything, results in some type of affect. The biggest being, what we hear or read about. Not even so much as what with talk about with family or friends because we can debate and discuss that. However, what you hear on the news, or read on the internet or in an article, you cannot debate. You are not there with the person speaking about it, or the person whop wrote about it. Thus, leaving you with two choices. Believe it, or not believe it. Either way, you will form an opinion about it. That is the affect. The news or article is the cause. With all this said, people will then choose to either listen or read on, or read a different article or switch to a different news channel. Since it is well known that many news networks are biased, because let's face it. The days of fair, equal, and honest reporting are gone, people will search for something that makes them feel better. Whether is it truth, fact, or fiction.

If you understand this thinking process, I now ask you. Do you feel like that little mouse in the maze? A maze that is set up to lead you down the path someone or something else wants you to travel. Guess what. You fell for it. Most do, and yes, I have as well, until one day I realized. I have a brain. A mind of my own, and the most important part being, I can make up my own mind.


What caused me to write about this? A few days ago, while in a store I stopped in to get a coffee, was an Afro-American female college student doing the same. On the TV in the shop was a news network. The name is irrelevant. The topic they were discussing was White Supremacy, BLM, and Antifa. As many people do, they often times make a statement out loud, not really directing it to anyone. She said, "The news just won't leave this crap alone. No wonder there is so much racial tension in the world. That's all we hear about." Being someone who happens to feel the same way, not just about racial issues, but many others, without even realizing it, I replied, "Wow, I'm surprised to hear someone your age say that."

That opened up a conversation, which is when I found out more about her, and we went on to have an almost hour-long conversation about the topics over coffee. So I ask you, who is against whom? Is it really people against people, or is it what people are led to believe that puts them against each other? Of course, any organization or group of people that cause these problems are wrong. Any person with a brain does not support the violence, destruction, and loss of property and life. However, when we have two political sides supporting different things, and that's all we hear about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people will eventually be swayed. Is it deliberate? I'm sure it is not. It's news, and news networks strive for the ratings, AT ALL COSTS. Just like the present stimulus negotiations. For God's sake, meet in the middle and help those that need it. The airline industry just laid off 32,000 people, with more coming. As far as I'm concerned, when politicians care about politics rather than the people, the lot of them should be voted out.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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