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"You may think you can run from, hide from, or cheat the truth, but the truth will always hunt you down, find you, and slap you right in the face."

- Caesar Rondina -


This week would normally be my video blog post, but because my home was in the near path of a tornado that came through Connecticut a couple of weeks back, I've been quite busy with cleaning up the property and getting things back to normal. I will post a video blog post next week on September 21st.

After you read this post, if you agree, share the link to it. However, I doubt that many who agree will. Many people are afraid to speak their minds out of fear of criticism. A fear I do not have. Read the above quote one more time and let it sink in. It is the truest statement you may ever read. The truth is similar to death. You can run from it, hide from it, and even cheat it. However, in the end, it always wins. You are about to read my post which is a combination of facts, my opinion, reality, and experience. In every case, it is the truth. It is not sugar coated. Heck, you don't have to like it or even agree with it, but you cannot run from it.

Most people are not fond of the truth because is forces them to face what they choose to ignore. Just because you may ignore something does not mean it does not exist, and it is not real. Remember that utterly ridiculous saying, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear, does it make noise?" Was this intended to be a mind twister? Of course, it makes noise. Just because no one is there to hear it, science tells us that when two objects collide, one of the many results is noise. The sound produced when two objects come into contact and cause friction which produces the noise. No one has to be there to hear it. If you believe that is not true, then how do you know when people are no longer in your sight, they still exist? If you no longer see them, are they still there? How ludicrous is it to believe any of that nonsense. The same concept applies to the world. If you do not see or hear about what is wrong with the world, that does that mean there is nothing wrong?


We all know, there is a great deal wrong, in and with the world. However, the truth also dictates to us it is our fault. That's right, each one of us plays a part. People complain about their local, state, or federal government officials. Lately, almost daily. Who's fault is it, ours? If so, why? BECAUSE WE PUT THEM THERE. That's truth and reality. We voted some of these idiots into office. What's worse is, we keep doing it. One of my family members and I always debate on this. The fact is, people DO NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK. They vote for someone not based on the policies and agendas, they voted for them based on whether they like them as a person. Let's make this perfectly clear. If you are waiting for any candidate who has a completely empty closet, void of any skeletons, you will be waiting until hell freezes over. Every candidate is a person. A human being with the same vulnerabilities as any other person, including you or I. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Let me say that again. NO ONE IS PERFECT. That is a fact as well as the truth.


Here are just a few things, not necessarily in the order of importance, and I am sure you can add more on your own. It's only a blog post so the point of what I am saying applies to everything.

1. Politics,

2. Healthcare,

3. School systems,

4. Corporate America,

5. Medicaid and Medicare,

6. Global Policies,

7. Equality, (whether color, creed, religion, or others.)

8. People's Rights,

9. Law and Order, including the judicial system,

10. Loopholes.

In politics, there is little to no accountability. Promises are made, and few are kept. Who watches those who are watching you? It's supposed to be us. The citizens who put them there. Do we? I think not. Hence, the ridiculous political wars such as the ones we are seeing now, are based on persoanl feelings of a certain few. This is where the US Citizen is suffering because of the personalities conflicts and issues between some of our leaders. I will not mention names, but if anyone follows this, you know which leaders I am referring to. I do not want this post to be perceived as being a biased post, because it is not. It's a post based on reality, the truth, and the facts.

The one fact, if you don't want to believe any others is, the American people are suffering due the lack of some leaders not being able to play nice in the sandbox becuase they doi not like one another, or they are playing the political game becuase it's an election year. In politics, terms limits are a must. Even the blood in the human body gets circulated and refreshed. Congressmen and women, as well as senators, should have terms limits. When that term is over, their benefits should be as well. If you no longer hold a specific job, do you still collect a paycheck and receive benefits? NO. At least I never did.

The healthcare system is seriously broken. You can buy a whole bottle of Tylenol for what a hospital charges you for one pill. Yes, they have to cover the cost for those that need care that do not have insurance, which is another issue in and by itself. Our teachers do an excellent job, however, many of the books are outdated, the buildings are just as bad, and we allow students too much freedom. School was always intended for learning and social development. What happened to those days? Of course, not in every school, but it is a system problem. Many of our college professors impose their ideas and ideals upon their students, rather than teaching them the required material. I went to college, I've seen it and experienced it. Frankly, I don't give a damn about your persoanl feelings about something. College is NOT a therapy session for some professors. It's a place of higher learning. Teach our children and keep your ideals, religious beliefs, and political opinions out of the class room..

Corporate America. Now there's a huge joke at our expense. The bonuses and stock options that some executives make yearly are absurd. What happened to getting paid to do a job? This is the job, this is the salary. Take it or leave it. Now there are all the other ridiculous perks that go with it. Perks, by the way, we pay for through the cost of the products to cover the costs of these perks. I knew someone who three years ago had to take a 7 million dollar cut in pay a year due to a drop in sales. I ask you this. If the cut was 7 million, what the hell was their salary and bonuses? Are you getting tired of bending over and getting it shoved in rather deeply and not being able to smile? The rule of thumb in corporate America is, "what ever the market will tolerate." We won't even speak about sports and entertainment figures. They should kiss our flag for the being in a country where they could rape a system with the ridiculous salaries they make. Don;t get me wrong. A specific talent is certainly worth more. However, where do we draw the line? When is enough, enough? Just Googgle some of the saleries some entertainers and sports figures make. You and your entire family combined will not make in your lifetime what they make sometimes in a year, or over the term of a 5 year contract.

Medicare and Medicaid. You could have worked your entire life, paid off your home, and have a few bucks saved, and yet, you must be penniless to qualify for certain assitance programs. Yet, some people are on welfare, and get a government check every month. Every time they have a baby, they get money every month to help support the baby, while they are perfectly capable of working. That's my point. They are perfectly capable of working. Those that really need, I do not begruge them receiving it. In some instances it has been shown that some women continue to get pregnant to receive the additional money, and in some instances, very little of it goes to the care of the child. When I worked as a paramedic, I can't count the many times I would get called to do a welfare check becuase a baby would not stop crying and find the mother not to be home, and 2 or 3 babies sitting on the floor eating the feces out of their diapers. That's reality people. Children, by the way, that are now in the system and might just stay in it for life. As for teenagers, why would any teenager who walks around with hundreds of dollars in their pockets from selling drugs, drives a car most of you will never be able to afford, and get a check from the government for welfare every month, want to go to school, yet alone get a job. Would you call this a severly broken system?

People who worked their entire life should reach an age where their medical benefits are free. You think that Medicare Part A is all you need? That only covers most of your hospital bill. You still need to have gap insurance, dental, vision, glasses, and prescription coverage. There's another 300-400 dollars per month off your fixed income when you retire, when so many others not deserving of it, get it for free. And now, some want to give these benefits to illegal aliens on your dime. I've written about this before. Seniors are dying every day because they cannot afford to buy their medications. I've seen it first hand, yet, nothing is ever done about it. This can be avoided with all of the wasted money saved from tightening up on programs that give money to those that couold earn it.

Global policies, equality and equal rights, and law and order. I can write a book about that. You see much of it on the news. There has become a complete lack of respect for the law. Deliberate attempts not to enforce the law in many cities across the country because of politics. Our rights as people are always being taken to task by many. Our constitutional rights are denied becuase of local governments NOT doing their job becuase of politics. I understand there are different interpretations of the constitution, however, many are perfectly clear. Such as the 14th. amemenment. We allow the burning of our flag, kneeling during the national anthem, and many other disrespectful things. Do that crap on your own time, not the time I paid for to see a game, and God help you if you waste my money when I come to see you entertain me and I have to listen to your political views. A complete misuse of the platform these individuals have which has nothing to do with entertaining me. There was a late night show I enjoyed watching. I like the host, however, after four years of hearing hime bash our President every night during his monalog, I no longer watch it. Andf those that do, should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, he has the right to free speech, however, you are a talk show host. As a comedian, I expect from time to time you will make fun of something, but every night? Sorry, that contributes to the problems in our society.

"LOOPHOLES." No one ever expected these times to actually occur. Guess what. People not be prosecuted for diliberatly breaking the law. The law is the law. If you break it, you get arresested and prosecuted. Sports team owners, stop allowing your players to put whatever they want on your uniforms. What ever happened to player name, team, and number? Make the rules. If they don't want to follow them, they don't play. Let's see how fast they are willing to give up their inflated salaries based on their personal opinion. My bet is, they would not. Owners, you are equally disrespectful not only your sport, but to your fans. This is not the forum for this. There is a certain prfessionalism that is expected from your players, and from you, the owners. Many of you have dropped the ball big time.


I think by now you get the point. Times are changing, but our morals, values, and laws, should not be ignored. As I stated earlier, you do not have to agree or disagree. I am not seeking your approval. I am simply pointing out some of what is wrong in, and with, the world. I could go on for pages because it is such an in depth topic. However, that is not required. What is required is for you to see and realize this is the truth, our new reality. A reality that is posioning this country and our society, and we are allowing it becuase we allow it to happen by our actions, through the media, and by standing by and doing nothing. Never forget, the truth is something you can cheat, hide from, and run from, but one day, it will find you and slap you right in the face. The worst part is, IT'S OUR OWN FAULT. We cause it, and we allow it to happen. If you doubt me, stop watching sports, stop watching or going to the movies, and stop watching the news. Give an entertainer an empty theater to perform to, make it known to your local, state, and federal leaders that they will be voted out and make it clear why, and watch how quickly things will change. God bless you all, God bless America, and be safe, and stay well.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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