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GOING TOPLESS and WEED ... What could possibly be next?

What is this topic; "GOING TOPLESS and WEED ... What Could possibly be next?" It's the controversy surrounding women being allowed to be topless in public, and the legal use of recreational marijuana. Let me first state that no one is more in favor of equal rights between the genders than I. We don't live in the stone ages anymore. However do we consider what's responsible versus irresponsible? Is there nothing else other than equality and the law that should be considered? This not about whether you agree or disagree, it's about reality and facts. You can choose for yourself. Please feel free to leave a constructive comment in the comment box below. If you don't see the comment box, you need to use Google Chrome. Not all platforms support all the features available on this site. Let's look at some facts before you comment so you're informed.

FACT: Data proves that marijuana is the gateway to the use of further drugs. FACT: Any drug that is used long term, in time, will require a higher dose/amount to obtain the same effect. FACT: Let's tell it like it is. We can't take care of our homeless, our veterans, and even our senior citizens. We can't provide the best substance abuse followup programs. The money simply isn't there. Therefore, the success rate of those entering a detox program and staying clean is less than 10%. I witnessed this everyday for almost 30 years. Someone gets into a program, gets clean, and goes right back to the environment that put them there is the first place.What do you think is going to happen?

QUESTION: With all the federal and state cutbacks, is it possible that our law makers are just concerned with the increased tax revenue? Can they properly monitor and enforce the laws?

In this writer's opinion, these are the most important things to consider. The links below will provide you with everything you need to know beyond this post. Therefore, belaboring this point is senseless. As with all topics, you will need to decide for yourself. However, I can't help but ask the question, if our states and government were better fiscally responsible, would we need to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and would it even be considered? If so, where do we draw the line as to what we will allow in order to fix it the financial mess most states are in?

Can we assume that people will be responsible and know when to stop? When is enough is enough? Oh yes, and who the hell am I to even question it? Let me get my validation out of the way right now. While writing, I was a full time career professional firefighter and paramedic. Combines, spanning a time frame of about 30 years. I have cared for over 76,251 patients. I've delivered 13 babies and pronounced over 2000 people dead on a scene. I have pulled dead babies out of car seats, mangled bodies and body parts out of cars. Burnt bodies from homes and vehicles. The highest number of patients I had to pronounce dead at one scene was six. They were all teenagers. They were mangled and trapped in a car wrapped around a tree. All dead. Alcohol and/or drugs were suspect in this tragic lose of life.

Does that serve as some validation? Of course it does if experience counts. Truth, facts, reality, and experience. In my opinion, that makes me an expert on this topic. Six sets of parents had to bury their children. Being the only paramedic at the scene, and after crawling through the car as best I could to reach each patient and check for signs of life, I found them all to be all deceased. A more realistic word that might hit home is DEAD. My supervisor was still about 20 minutes away. I had to stay on scene for some time while the fire department in that city extricated each body. When my supervisor arrived, I left to go on to do two more calls. That's the job. It was close to the end of a 16 hour double shift that day. For me, not close enough. I was beat. We had a great road supervisor working that night. One with more, experience than She to, had seen her share during her career. She said to me me and my partner. "You've both seen enough for one day. Go home."

That night was the hardest night in my life to be able to try and sleep. On any given day, you know that you may face the same, or possibly worse, the next day. You learn not to even think about it. I believe that's just one example of what validates me. To see an adult, a teenager, or a baby, dead from an accident that probably could have been avoided, is a difficult thing to swallow. Finding a dead body that was ejected from a car, than having to search for their head because it was ripped from their body during the accident, is not something you want to do before dinner. It's the job. This is why I say, say, "If I haven't seen it, it hasn't happened yet." It's TRUE. Not just for me, but for each and every individual who works, or worked, in my profession. Including law enforcement officers, who are usually at the scene first, and every doctor, nurse, and health care provider that tries to save a life. Think about that, then read the articles in these two links. The phrase, "It's a shame that happened," never rose a dead person from their coffin, and never will.

Let's move on to the topic of women being topless in public. Although much more common on the beaches in the European setting, one might say we are behind the times. A fun fact. The data doesn't support it. If a woman reveals to much cleavage, 100% of men will be drawn to look. Does this mean that all men are perverts? Of course not? If a man was showing part of his private part, everyone would look as well. It's human nature. Pure shock, curiosity, or call it what you will, but it's a fact. IT'S A NATURAL REACTION. Like dogs are born knowing how to swim.

I'm just as much a man as the next guy, but for me, it's what I don't see that sparks my interest. I think they call that imagination. However, it's automatically where the eyes will go. I'll never forget my first trip to Aruba. My ex-wife and I were walking down the beach and walked onto a part of the beach where topless bathing was allowed. We evidently missed the sign that said "Topless bathing allowed on this beach." Needless to say, for me, these were uncharted waters. Naturally, anyone would look. As the story goes, my ex got so mad at me she didn't talk to me for two days. We both clearly were uncomfortable, turned around, and walked back to our hut on the beach that we came from. While I don't agree with her anger, I could understand her being upset. If there was a man with no bottoms on, and she looked, I would probably get upset as well. However, that's also a natural human reaction. It's not gender specific. A natural response. Although I would not take it to the degree of not speaking to her, I would certainly discuss it. Humm .... maybe that's why we didn't stay married?

There are things to consider since one state has passed a law where women can now go topless. How many actually will? Those facts vary by age group. If you've ever been to Florida during spring break you would find the vast majority of younger women would, and do, at pool parties. Is it defiance? Would they do it if it were legal? However, older women will not. These are generational differences. Overall, 70% of women surveyed stated they would not go topless. What about the other 30%? What things need to be considered? How will their partner going to react? Especially when every man is going to be looking. Will she understand its natural for a man to look? They can't claim "respect my privacy" when they're putting their privacy out for the world to see. When does a quick peek turn into starring? If someone suffers from a sexual mental disorder, could this possibly result in more sexual attacks, rape, or violence?

Children, referring to those that are adolescents, can be affected as they enter puberty. Their hormones are on fire. Children even younger, don't understand? Will it traumatize them and lead to other issues as they grow? There is scientific based data to show similar experiences and exposures to nudity can. How do you explain this to a child who hasn't matured to an age where they can understand? Is this about a persons values, morals, or self-respect? Or is it an attempt at making a point, a statement? The last question is;


​If you answered yes to that question, that's fine. Many feel an individual has the right to exercise that belief. But what comes next? Will men want to walk around with no bottoms on? Reality check. Some of the thong style bathing suits that many men and women wear is just the same as having no bottoms on anyway. WHERE DOES IT END? In years, these effects will irrelevant since by then it will be considered the "norm."

I think you all get the point. What's also important is, I can write this, have an opinion, and not judge others for theirs. I don't have to agree with it, nor do I have to be a part of it, but I will not judge those that are. Life is about personal choices. No matter what we all do, only we as individuals will be held accountable for our decisions. I say, make them wisely. Here is a link to a good article. Read it.

In closing, this post is not intended to sway your opinions, and believe it or not, it's okay to agree to disagree for those that support these issues. Opinions belong to us. We own them. This post is intended to give you something to think about. Become aware, and ask yourself some questions. Death by drugs, alcohol, and the increase of sexual crimes rises each year. Why? Are we doing something wrong? At the end of the day life is about choices. Choices made by laws, people, judges, and governments. The two important things are: 1. Why those choices are made? 2. What we as a society will choose for ourselves. Watch for the release of my new book "MAKING PARTNERSHIP CHOICES" towards the end of this month. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Thank you - CJR

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