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And the writer writes.

A writer can have a brand, a type of book that they all follow a specific style. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or any type that defines their brand. Or, the writer can write many different styles of works. Either way is neither right or wrong. I write a variety of style. It all depends on my thoughts at the time. It might be fun one day to write a crime series, or mystery series, who knows. Never say never. There are pro's and cons to both. What type of writer do you want to be labeled as? Do you want a label? All could questions for writers, and there is no right or wrong answer. It's personal choice. I write about whatever the spirit moves me to write about at that time. That's what works for me. My advice is, go with your gut and where your talents take you. That way, your never wrong. But if your new at this, don't forget the little things you need, because you never now if and when success will hit. Pictures, stationary, business cards, bookmarks, the right pens for signing your books or photos. Always feel free to message me on my contact page. I am always willing to help. Don't be so concerned on being on the best seller lists. There are many different best seller lists, and many have a different criteria that they follow that determines who makes their best seller list. Just write from your heart, and you already are a best seller. Keep that pen going, and never give up. ..... Caesar

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