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Depending on a writers style and what they write about, to a reader they can be many things. A hero, a foe, a friend, someone to relate to, loved, hated, should I go on? I think you get the point. Here's the trick. Online book sales are a large part of the market today. The great part is you can read about the author. Their style of writing. This way, you can decide if you want to buy their books. Make sense? Let's face it, would you buy a painting if you didn't like the painting style of the artist? There is nothing worse than buying a book ad not liking part or all of it. For me, I write about truth and reality. I'm starting to write thrillers as well. But if someone does not want to face truth and reality, and continue to live in a fantasy world, why buy my books? If you want to improve your life by learning about true and reality, than I'm your guy. It's simple. That's why you can't judge a book by it's cover. In a fancy restaurant, it's all about the presentation of the meal. But that doesn't make the meal tasty. My point being, in today's world we all have the resources to make a better educated decision. Use them. - Caesar

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