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An evening at the Blog .... Time for you.

As you all might have figured out, I usually post two blogs a week. Did you ever wonder where I get my ideas from? Darn, so do I. All kidding aside, they often come from a post or tweet I read that inspires me to write something about it, mostly because it may be a passionate subject for me. You always have to give credit where credit is due. I read a tweet tonight from GITMOM. Very innovative individual. Her focus is on all things related to mom's. Ladies, good person to follow. So let's chat tonight about "our time", "me time." Call it what you will. If it walks, talks and looks like a duck, it's a duck.

Time for yourself is critical to your own mental and physical health. You are not a bad parent, husband, wife, or partner, if you need some alone time. Time for you. Time to just pamper yourself. Without it, life will one day catch up to you, and that bite in the rear will leave a scar. But there is a sad reality that comes with this. Most times its one sided. In a relationship, NOTHING should be one sided. Women are no longer barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, which by the way in itself, is harder than working a full time job. But in today's society women do. They do it all. Sure, there are many husbands that kick in, but statistically, the sad part is, the ratio is much higher of those that don't. Hey, your business, your call. However, the blog would not be complete if I didn't comment on it.

EVERYONE NEEDS TIME FOR THEMSELVES. Period. That time is where their partner does a little double duty so the other gets a break. Needing a break from your partner or children has nothing to do with whether you love them. In fact, it helps to make those emotions grow deeper when you have time to unwind. A spa day, a day with the girls, a night out for dinner with your friends. Guys, it could be day at the golf course, on the boat. It's not what you do, it's about the time you have for yourself to do it. Yes, I'm single, divorced to be exact. But the one rule I had was, when my wife had her "me" time, she didn't get bothered. Me time isn't time for yourself when your partner is texting or calling you every half an hour. I trusted if she needed me, she would call, and I trusted her as well. But than we all make some mistakes. lol So there you have the crust to the matter. Time alone and trust go hand in hand. I will tell you this. Without them, every relationship will suffer at some level and at some point. Thanks GITMOM for giving me an idea to post a blog about. I talk in much greater detail about this and other topics in my book Balancing The Scale. Have a great weekend. ... Caesar

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