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Do we really ever change? ...

A couple of days ago I made this post on Twitter. The essence of who you are never changes. However, you won't be the same person next year you are today, and so on. Don't you want to know why? There's an answer. It's a process that causes conflict in your life that gets worse over time. This is discussed in detail in my book Balancing The Scale. This stated, although quite controversial, in my opinion and experience is true. We are who we are to a certain degree. The embedded essence of our being, who we are, does not change. We may bend it a bit, twist it or turn it, but at the end of the day, that's who we are. With that said, we won't be the same person all the time. There is a difference. As we go through life, we will adjust primarily due to our life experiences. Happiness, sadness, hurt, loss and many other factors. People believe that since they are experiencing new things and may think differently, that they aren't the same person. They are. Your innate characteristics are embedded in you from birth. DNA, genetics and all they cool scientific stuff you really don;t care about. So if you are a caring and nurturing person, you will always be that way, it's how you go about it due to your experiences that will change. The cycle of life works in mysterious ways. As people get older we always use the phrase, "They are set in their ways." Personally, I don't like that phrase. It portrays an impression that others will just blow people off. I mean really, why bother, "Their set in their ways?" Let's look at it from a different perspective. Maybe they have loved to a point that a combination of their innate behavior along with all they have learned and experienced, has just maybe made them settle down into the person they are. Remember, as people, we are in a constant flux of change. Don't give up on them. Don't blow them off. Rather, embrace them and show them a different path. One day that person will be you.

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