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"Creativity and Expression"

"THE RULE OF EVENTUALITY." What is that? Well, don't google it. You won't find it because it's my own rule. A rule that simply means, eventually, it will get out there. By far, that is not the most effective way, but as people who specialize in "Creativity," you just can't spend thousands of dollars on firms that do this for you, plus, it's always nice to learn something new. Any artistic person will tell you, you have to sell oddles of artistic works to make the kind of money to hire someone to do all these things for you. I know people that have spent upwards of fifty to seventy thousand dollars a year just on Facebook and Twitter campaigns. If you're that successful and could afford that, I take my hat off to you. As writers, authors, artists and entertainers, or anyone in the business of the "Creative Arts" will tell you, they rely on Retweets, Facebook shares, as well as plain old word of mouth. However, the reality is, unless you're a giant public figure, look at your accounts. Those are really far and few. With the newer social media platforms now pushing more towards paid advertising, organic reach is on a major decline. It's estimated that only 12% of your Facebook followers even see your individual posts, and even less on Twitter. This is primarily due to the amount of content that is now posted. Simply put, your posts just don't hang around on people's news feed long enough for them to see it. So what does all of this have to do with creativity and expression? A great deal actually because it deals with quality of content. That's what gets noticed. So let's move on.

Of late, I've had mutual follows with Artists, other writers, and musicians. I love art, but if I'm not painting by the numbers, forget it. I am a musician. Actually, that's what I went to college for. Go figure. I try to read as many posts as time will allow on the social media sites I'm on. Like most, I don't share or retweet as much as I should. Everyone who has an idea is creative. Not all people know how to take that creativity and express it. That's the key and an important fact because creativity + expression = motivation and interaction. However, they are completely different. What's the answer? The driving force every creative individual is to be able to take that creativity and express it in whatever artistic manner they are good at. Writing, music, or art, are just a few examples. I made a twitter post recently that went like this. "No two people need to see the same things, nor do they need to understand the same things. What they need to do is see and understand one another. Then they will learn together." This is what creativity and expression mean.

Ten people can see a piece of art, read a passage, or listen to a song. Most will interpret each different from the next. That difference can be subtle, or drastic. What's important about that statement is, any creative work by anyone, must have expression. An expression that comes from within them. Call it their soul. The closer that expression is to their very being, the easier it will be for others to see them, know them, and interpret it's meaning. That is how people such as this gauge their success. Did they get my message?

Let's look at the common goals. An artist paints to portray an image of what they see and express it to you through their art. A writer writes words in order for you to read and visualize what they are writing about. A musician or actor plays a song or acts out a part to portray a feeling, emotion or character. All in all, they are all the same thing. A poet or someone who writes inspirational quotes do the same. They CREATE, they EXPRESS with the sole purpose of sending their impressions to the world. However, in order to do this successfully, they have to share a piece of them with you. The most precious thing they have. Their SOUL. There is nothing more personal to any individual. It's who and what they are. Let me give you an example. My dear friend Nancy, from @LuckyFromKYart, and someone I recently followed, @LoriMcNeeartist. Actually, it was a picture Lori painted and posted on Twitter that gave me the thought to post what I've highlighted and quoted above. I know Nancy quite well. We have been friends for years. I have been to her shows. I know that I see her soul in her work. However, Lori I don't know each other and have never met. We live on opposite sides of the country. But I know her, because I could see her soul in her work. One more example is @AmberlyLago. A woman with a story. One of courage and tenacity. You can see her soul in the words she writes. Her passion to share her story to help others. If you follow them, you will understand. CREATIVITY and EXPRESSION. You really need both.

So that's our creative goal everyone. To be able to express ourselves through our creations so people know us. When you do what we all do, "IT's PERSONAL." A personal experience between us and others. It should be. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. If you like or agree with them, please share this with your friends on your social media platforms. What we all do is not competitive, it's collaborative. Please feel free to leave any comments below. Thank you .... CJR

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