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Teacher, "An Underrated Word."

As you all know, when I write about a topic that someone has given me an idea on, I like to credit that person, and always do it with their permission. I follow a gal on Twitter @jenquattrucci. Her user name is mommyteacherfashion. Earlier this week we had an exchange of thoughts on Twitter which gave me the idea for this topic. Jen is an amazing woman who wears many hats. Her website is:

She says some great things, and you will see she loves fashion, and she wears it well.

It was a pleasure to exchange thoughts with Jen. What is a teacher? I have said in many blog posts that the dictionary meaning of a word often times doesn't come close to a words actual meaning. According to Merriam-Webster, a teacher is one that teaches. Especially: one whose occupation is to instruct. On the surface, that is true, however, is that what you expect of a teacher? As an educator for twenty years, I can tell you it doesn't end there. Teaching takes on different roles during pre-school, kindergarten, grammar school, junior high school, high school, and than college. Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one. I think that the college level is the easiest. It is adult education, and something someone has selected to do, not obligated to do. The students are young adults paying for their education. By this time, some of the most important lesson about life should have been learned, therefore, the professor can simply teach and direct the student down the correct path. They still need to be a mentor, but that is dependent on the degree of dedication of the professor. When I was in college, most professor had the attitude that you paid for this. If you want to learn fine, if not, I'll fail you. Yet, there were many that also took that personal interest in a student with potential. Generally, if a student took the time to reach out to their professor, they would all be willing to help. However, they are dealing with a different level of maturity.

So What Is A Teacher?

Pre-school, grammar school, and junior high are different. The role of the teacher is much different here. If they follow the strict letter of the definition, most students would never graduate. Teachers, and I prefer to call them educators, are mothers, fathers, mentors, counselors, and many times, babysitters to their students. Many years back when families were primarily a one income household, children learned many of life's values at home. Today, most families are two or more income families. They spend less time with their children. Not by choice, but by necessity. Many become involved with after school activities which adds to the job of an educator. They are now more of a prominent figure in the life of children. This also includes their other activities such as sports, dancing school, and other forms of education they are involved with. Actually, children spend more time with educators than they do with their parents. I find that in speaking to many educators, they gladly take on the task, and it is a task. Many of these folks have families of their own.

Adding Other Things Into The Mix:

Protectors. Teachers are also protectors. With the number of school shootings, many teachers have been killed or injured protecting students from an active shooter situation. I was an education major, and we never had a class on how to do this. Today, educators now taught what to do in these situations, but no can can teach anyone to step in front of a child and take a bullet. When we look at the pure definition of the word, does it match what our teachers do today? I think not. Students will tell their teacher things they will not tell their parents. It is a thin line of trust. The largest problem is with the parents. I have been a party to this as a paramedic on many occasions. The classic answer, "My child would never do that." Therefore, the teacher MUST be wrong. Wake up call ..... your child probably did it. Raising a child is more and more becoming a joint responsibility between the school system and the parent. It always was, but on a much lessor scale than that of today. A teacher is torn between being the good person, the bad person, or the friend. Most buy into this, but do people appreciate it? Do people really know the degree of physical, emotional, and educational responsibility an educator has? NOT A CLUE. Actually, I have seen many parents tell an educator who is trying to help to, "Mind your own business. You are only here to teach my child." How is that for ignorance.? You may not be that parent, but some are. By nature, parents are defensive of their children, which is fine until it borderlines ignorance. A special needs teacher has an is even tougher job. However, most parent with a special needs child knows the degree of patience that is required with these children and are very appreciative.

In closing"

Teachers are not parents to your child. Appreciate what they do that goes well above the call of duty. These individuals have a great deal to do with molding your child and helping in their emotional development. Do not underrate the word "teacher." Being a teacher is not just a job, it's a concept, and a way of life. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - @caesarrondina, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Thank you ... CJR

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