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Out Of The Pot and Into The Fire


The title of this blog post is certainly not unfamiliar. It's been around for a long time. In a fast paced world doesn't it always seem as if this is what we are doing? Doesn't it seem like just when we thought we did the right thing, it turns into the wrong thing? Well, it certainly does seem that way to me. Especially in the world we live in today.

  • Covid-19 pandemic (continues)

  • A needless murder

  • Protests

  • Violence

  • Another black person shot

  • Disband the police

  • Defund the police

  • More destruction

  • More unrest

  • Deface and take down statues

  • What's next?

Holy mother of God! Where will it end? When will it end?

Removing inanimate things about our past does not change the past, nor does it make us forget the past. Our heritage and these inanimate objects serve as a reminder to us of the mistakes we have made. It is our history. You cannot run from history!


We all have rights guaranteed to us in our constitution. However, is all that is going on only about our rights, or is there a deeper untold and masked reason? All the issues of race have NEVER been resolved. Memories and history can be quite painful, especially when they were never resolved. With all this said, where does it end? More importantly, is everything that is going on right? In Seattle, in the area that people have taken over as a sanctuary place. Is it? Does it represent equality? Or, is it just another set of rules to follow? People that are calling 911 that need help are finding out that the police are not responding unless it's a matter of life or death. Why? Not because they do not want to, because they do not know what will happen when the lines established by those holding that area are crossed. I ask you, does that define human rights?

Someone please inform me where in the constitution is says people have the right to take over an area, a public area, stop businesses from operating, stop first responders from helping others in need, and make threats of violence and destruction if their demands are not met? In my opinion, that sounds more like a form of a hostage situation and dictatorship. That group of leaders is holding the government hostage. The constitution clearly states in many areas that the rights of the people should not in any way cause harm to others. So many quote the constitution, however, the quote the parts that serve their agenda.

Human rights are an essential part of our society. Exercising them properly, is an important part of our rights. I feel cities officials are handling these matter improperly. The longer it is allowed to continue, the more it will escalate, and the harder it will become to resolve. Measures need to be taken to stop it. Not violently, but in a manner where a forum is set up, meetings are set up to discuss the issues and end what some might call a siege. However, as in all negotiations, both sides need to be flexible.


How anything is accomplished is the most critical part of any resolution, and always the most difficult part. Force should always be the last resort. The local government needs to gain control and talk to the leaders of this movement. Yes empathy is necessary. However, you can display and express empathy while maintaining a strong position. Disbanding the police departments will never happen. Every poll shows that the majority of citizens are against that course of action. Defunding creates another set of issues. How can you pay for additional training to better teach our law enforcement officers to cope with the many issues they face each day by defunding them? I fully agree, where there is waste, it needs to be redirected. I do believe there is a large degree of misspending that can be gotten under controlled and funneled to the proper resources. Also, I believe everyone agrees that more training in certain areas is required in the law enforcement branches. None of these issues are deal breakers, and people want their voices heard, as they should be. However, with all things, there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

When approached properly, things get done. When it is not done properly, we have just gotten OUT OF THE POT AND INTO THE FIRE. Of course, there are many other contributing factors. Let's face it. Everyone wants their voice heard. The best way to be heard by millions at one time, is the media. Is the media wrong for covering it? No. That's what they do, and what we expect, but to what end, and for how long? Let me ask you another question. If the media stopped covering some things, would they go away since the public platform no longer exists? Change needs to happen, but the violent protests and destruction cannot continue. No one has the right to harm, destroy, or stop innocent people from making a living, or taking what they have worked their entire life to build away from them.


NO ONE is condoning the actions of a bad cop. Even the law enforcement community is condemning their actions. However, we have a justice system that is in place to deal with this, and they are. Adding more fuel to the fire never helps. Let me ask you a question about the shooting that occurred at Wendy's. Is that Wendy's fault? Was it right to burn Wendy's to the ground? WHAT DID THAT ACCOMPLISH? Again, people jumped OUT OF THE POT AND INTO THE FIRE.

I do not claim to be an expert. I just believe as a society, we need to look at this productively, and not through violent and destructive behavior. When that occurs, those that contribute to it, are a part of it, are not better than those that caused it.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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