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A Pawn In The Game Of Life?



I hope your holiday plans are moving along as planned. I can't believe it was mid-October when I walked into a store in Florida and found a large area already set up with Christmas trees all lit up and many decorations. Two weeks before Halloween. The commercialism of Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

This week's topic comes by request of Carol in Minnesota. Thank you for your request. To be more specific, she asked me to speak about how we as citizens are pawns of politicians. DO you believe this is true? I certainly do. However, it goes much deeper than that. Therefore, I ask you. Do you think you are a pawn in the game of life? Let's see.

It can be an instrumental piece when appropriately used. However, there are different types of pawns. One of the definitions of a pawn is; " a person used by others for their own purpose." Let's face it. At some point in our lives, we have all been pawns for another purpose. It may include our friends, family, our boss at work, co-workers, and others. Does it seem that someone is always trying to manipulate you? Most of us have been or attempted to be scammed many times in our life.

Of course, some of this is normal. Anyone with children will tell you that manipulation is a big part of raising children. However, that which is expected is not what I am here to discuss.


What we are here to talk about is what SHOULD NOT be considered normal. Therefore, let's get into Carol's question. We vote for our political candidates based on their promises. At least, that is the way it should be. Who do we think will deliver on their promises? Tell me, do you believe that political promises that cause you to vote for someone are a form of a verbal contract? If you disagree, why not? If someone comes to your house to do a job and explains what they will do and puts it in writing, should you pay them if they don't do the job? Or do you fire them?

Through their ad campaigns VERBALLY on public television, politicians tell you what they will do for you. You vote for them, and they do not fulfill their promises. Should they be fired? I believe they should. The first problem with politics, like it or not, is the voters. Either they do not vote, they vote solely based on a political party, regardless of their platform, or they don't like the person. What happened to the issues? The things that concern us the most. I've said this so many times. I don't socialize with them. I don't eat with them. I don't sleep with them. I don't have to like their smile. I only need to believe they will get the job done. This happens at all levels of political elections. We are told what we want to hear. Therefore, are we all political pawns? You bet we are.

Let's take the Presidency of our country as an example. Now I will admit this is my opinion, but it makes perfect sense. The President of any country MUST be good at business. They have plenty of advisors on other matters. But someone who cannot make sound business decisions for a country will place that country in financial peril. How many of you think our country is in good financial shape right now? Yet, oil, gas, food, and many other necessary commodities are rising at an alarming rate and with no end in sight.

Our southern borders are a joke. We don't have one. The thought of anyone entering our country illegally and being able to sue our government for money is unthinkable. Regardless of who you like or don't like, our present administration does nothing to fix it. Our Vice-President usually is only seen standing behind our President during a speech. Therefore, were these the promises made during the campaign year? Where these the promises that you were told that caused you to vote for them? Keep in mind; I do not support the left or the right. I support the people who will get the job done regardless of their political affiliation.

Ladies and gentlemen, like it or not, these are the present facts. So, therefore, YES, WE ARE ALL PAWNS IN THE GAME OF LIFE. I am not a fan of being a political pawn. The biggest farse of all is when it comes to voting on bills. Bills don't get split and voted on separately because one side or the other loses leverage. Meanwhile, our medical bills increase, medications increase, the retired can barely afford to live, and sad but true, as because paramedic I've seen it many times, people die they cannot afford to buy their medicine.

In this country, no one who can't afford their medications should have to go without them. This is an insult and travesty against human life. Do not be fooled because you may not suffer from these problems because you have a good-paying job right now. However, one day you might find yourself rowing in that same boat.


Of course, nothing nor is any system perfect. However, year after year, election after election, we hear the same crap on how it will get better and the system will be fixed.

Decades later, the problem still exists. If people cannot fix it, get the hell out of the way and let people who can fix it do the job. When you look at the facts, you cannot dispute them. Most people can barely make ends meet. We've had tankers ff shore not being able to be offloaded. We are no longer energy-dependent when we used to be. Look at your gas and oil prices. The list goes on and on. We can no longer blame the pandemic for everything. Those who put their lives at risk when the public needed them the most were threatened with losing their jobs. Parents not having a say about what their children learn and what they are subject to at a young age. The list goes on and on. Therefore, I ask you again, are we all pawns in the game of life because of our leadership and personal agendas?

You can bet your bottom we are. The real questions are, when will we get tired of it? How long will we have to put up with it? How much more can your wallet bare?


Make no mistake about it. To some degree, we are all pawns in the game of life. Regardless of how you try to control it or think you are controlling it, you are not. However, we can. But like everything else in life, it takes a bit of work and participation. It takes everyone to get involved. A good example is the stand parents are taking against the education system. It's a slow process, but it's working. The election results in Virginia proved that. I've said this so many times it sounds like a record that has a skip in it. But, change starts and takes place in the ballot box.

For any person who thinks their vote doesn't matter, you are practicing that old tradition of IGNORANCE. Every vote matters. People forget that our government is a government "BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE." Your voice gets heard each time you vote. Therefore, look past the false promises and don't be fooled by everything you hear or are told. Take the extra time to learn about who you are voting for. Their track record, what platforms they stand for. What bills they support and how they voted. It is public information that can be found online with little effort.

Next year is transitioning into a pivotal year for the House and the Senate for both political parties. The midterm elections. Next year is o drive the direction our country goes in. Every poll I see represents that at this time, people are quite unhappy. Frankly, I have no idea how many are Trump or Biden supporters, and frankly, I don't care. However, anyone who thinks that our country is now in a good state is living a pipe dream in the wonderful Disney Land world of fantasy. I could go with a slue of examples, but I will only mention one that really gets under my skin.

It was no secret that we had plans to get our troops out of Afghanistan. But, like it or not, there were Americans that wanted to stay. That is their choice. However, why in God's name we did we, as a country, leave all our military equipment behind. Behind for terrorists which are known to be our worst enemies. Weapons, planes, ammunition, helicopters, etc. All instruments of destruction in perfectly good working order can be used against us and/or our allies. Regardless of your political beliefs, any reasonably minded person would have to agree that was the stupidest decision any government could make. e rest you all hear about on the news just as I do. The people who made these decisions, in my opinion, are NOT the people I want leading this country.

There is an old saying. "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one." I am not, nor do I claim to be, a military strategist. However, I do have something equally as important. COMMON SENSE, and there was nothing about the withdrawal from Afghanistan that was common sense. It was a total screwup. This is only one example. Therefore, LET'S STOP BEING PAWNS IN THE GAME OF LIFE and start taking a more active role regards to what is acceptable us as a people, and what is not.

Stay safe and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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