A Pawn In The Game Of Life?



I hope your holiday plans are moving along as planned. I can't believe it was mid-October when I walked into a store in Florida and found a large area already set up with Christmas trees all lit up and many decorations. Two weeks before Halloween. The commercialism of Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

This week's topic comes by request of Carol in Minnesota. Thank you for your request. To be more specific, she asked me to speak about how we as citizens are pawns of politicians. DO you believe this is true? I certainly do. However, it goes much deeper than that. Therefore, I ask you. Do you think you are a pawn in the game of life? Let's see.

It can be an instrumental piece when appropriately used. However, there are different types of pawns. One of the definitions of a pawn is; " a person used by others for their own purpose." Let's face it. At some point in our lives, we have all been pawns for another purpose. It may include our friends, family, our boss at work, co-workers, and others. Does it seem that someone is always trying to manipulate you? Most of us have been or attempted to be scammed many times in our life.

Of course, some of this is normal. Anyone with children will tell you that manipulation is a big part of raising children. However, that which is expected is not what I am here to discuss.


What we are here to talk about is what SHOULD NOT be considered normal. Therefore, let's get into Carol's question. We vote for our political candidates based on their promises. At least, that is the way it should be. Who do we think will deliver on their promises? Tell me, do you believe that political promises that cause you to vote for someone are a form of a verbal contract? If you disagree, why not? If someone comes to your house to do a job and explains what they will do and puts it in writing, should you pay them if they don't do the job? Or do you fire them?