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A Series Of Conflicts - Is all this really necessary?


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Tonight's topic is a result of many inquiries I received requesting my opinion on the different conflicts facing our nation, and we certainly have a few. First, we must ask ourselves, how many conflicts can we as a nation tackle at the same time? Besides being a matter of economics, it is also a matter of the morale of a nation. It is human nature for people to want more. This includes leaders of other nations. Let's face it; they are people, too, and not immune to the human condition. However, everyone must, and I do, for the most part, believe that getting everything you want comes with a high price tag. Therefore, it comes down to what price leaders are willing to pay and who pays that price.


The reality is our nation is facing many conflicts. Not all conflicts need to be military-based. Social and economic conflicts count as well. We have politicians who have taken classified documents that are not entitled to do so. We have numerous leaking of top-secret information and evidence of a politically biased justice system. Is it equal justice for all anymore?

We are backing Ukraine in its struggle against Russia; we might have a conflict with China over Taiwan sooner than later. I believe that if the President of China, Xi Jinping, is going to move on Taiwan, it will be before the next Presidential election. It appears he is firm in what he believes he's got but doesn't know who he will get in the future.

Why didn't Russia and Ukraine do this during the Trump administration? Simply put, Trump had guts. He stood firm. No other leader could figure him out, and they were not sure what he would do to respond. When challenged, he responded immediately. They feared his response. During those times, in many ways, we were a much stronger nation from a military standpoint, an economic standpoint, and an independent energy standpoint. We had a higher standing on the world stage. These are not just opinions. They are facts. You do not need to agree, nor do you need to like them. However, you cannot dispute them. Facts proved because none of this occurred during Trump's term. No spy balloons flew across our nation's skies. Every time we were tested as a nation, we responded swiftly, decisively, and directly.

Our military was better prepared, and our energy independence was set in stone. Economically, we were a superpower. Most of this, if not all, has declined to some degree with the present administration. They can't seem to get their priorities straight. While hundreds of thousands of non-vetted individuals cross our southern border, an unheard-of amount of illegal drugs are killing our youth, not to mention the sec and child trafficking that comes with it; all we hear President Biden talk about is electric cars.

No one disputes we need a cleaner source of energy, but it WILL NOT happen overnight, and destroying our economy to get it is senseless. We live in a world of political personal agendas, back the backers, the ones who donate the big bucks, ignore and disregard the will of the people who elect these officials. It is easy for them to do this because they do not suffer the same effects as the American people. Week after week and month after month.

From a social society standpoint, we're a hot mess. Mental illness is on the rise, (1) suicide rates are rising, (2) the various issues surrounding the welfare of our children are a never-ending battle, and active shooter incidents are climbing. (3) Crimes rates in our larger cities are at an epic level. Streets are lined with homeless people. Some of our most beautiful cities, such as New York, L.A., and Chicago, have turned to trash. Businesses are closing their doors due to looting, and walking the streets is unsafe. These are just a few of our social problems.

Social development is part of progress. We may not all agree with some of the social issues we are facing. However, social development should never come at the price of denying others their rights. Morals and values should not change. However, it is generational, and the reality is they will. However, our elected officials take sides in these issues. Therefore, equality and the concept that all things are equal go down the drain. PERSONAL AGENDAS. Support those to get their votes. Why are some politicians hand-holding people to gain votes as our society has a meltdown?

The U.S. Dollar is facing a massive decline in value. It may soon no longer be the global trading currency of choice. If that happens, our currency will have even less worth resulting in us losing our high standing in the global marketplace. Not to mention it will increase inflation. It's like the United States is in the boxing ring surrounded by multiple opponents.

OMG, this all sounds so depressing. To some degree, it is. Mostly because it has all happened within two years. How could things change so quickly? Stupidity and lack of wisdom can make anything deteriorate at a rapid rate. Therefore, do not be surprised. Is it possible to come out of this being on the top of the pile? Of course, it is. However, what will it take? It will take major changes in how we are presently handling these issues. Yes, that means having a Commander and Chief that has a bit more guts. Our President says one thing, and the White House says another. No one knows what Joe Biden will do. No one knows what our real stance is on many issues. I might take pressure from Congress or the American people to compel him to make choices.