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How To Have A Commanding Presence. - Does anyone know you're there?


Greetings to all. This week is my April video blog post. I choose this topic as a result of an email I received from a young man who is a college Freshman. Basically, he asked, "why am I not noticed?" After giving this question considerable thought, I decided to make it my topic for this month's video post.

Being noticed is NOT about being popular. Especially at first. Let's face it, in the beginning, no one knows you. College is somewhat different than the lower grades. If you grow up in the same neighborhood, you and your friends follow one another through high school. You know someone each new school year. However, entering college is somewhat different because now you are meeting new people, and for some, that is out of their comfort zone.

Have no fear. This is normal and there is nothing wrong with you. By nature and genetics, some people are born more outgoing and more comfortable in their own skin as compared to others. However, there is a trick to meeting new people and being noticed. Just because you may have never learned these traits, does not mean you cannot. Let me ask you. How many actors have you seen in TV series? You stereotype them into the character they are playing. Alas, one night you see them on a talk show and you don't believe as a person, they are nothing like the character they play on TV or in the movies.

They are trained professionals and experts in portraying themselves and becoming the character they are playing. This shows you it is only about learning and knowing how. As always, I have provided the link to this 20 minutes presentation for my YouTube and Vimeo channels. Please subscribe to my channels and my blog.

I was also asked why I post my video blogs on both platforms. The reason for this is simple. If YouTube is being highly used or the user does not have a fast streaming feed, which can cause skipping and reloading delays, they have the option to view it on Vimeo. I hope you enjoy the presentation, and next week's written post will be another guest blog post by Entrepreneur Dean Burgess. Remember, you can send me an email with a topic request to Thank you.

Here are the links to tonight's presentation:

Stay safe and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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