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It's in the works !!

My third published book The Soul In Our Hearts, is now at the publisher where the final cover designs, professional editing, and all the trimming to make it a book will be done. We are on schedule for a 60 to 90 days release date. The book will be available in paper back print version as well a e-book version, and will be available through all the major outlets and well as the publishers book store. When the book is released, I will change the coming soon tab to Buy Now. This will provide you with direct links where the book can be purchased. There is something in this book that can benefit everyone, and is a very exciting read. You can follow me on Face Book by do a search for Caesar Rondina Author, and I invite you to follow me on twitter @CaesarRondina. Thank you all for your patience and support. Now off to start my 4th. book. ..... Caesar

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