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My favorite word in the English language has always been perception. When you break it all down, it all comes down to perception. With that said, data shows that the four most common driving forces in peoples life are, Success, Money, Happiness and Romance. If you can't see where the problem lies, let me show you. Most people gauge their success by how other's base their decisions on them. They gauge their financial success on how well they can keep up with others. They gauge their happiness on how react to them. They base their romance on the number of successful versus failed relationships they have had. What do all these have in common? Correct, my favorite word. PERCEPTION. All their driving forces are based around others perceptions. That is the first place we fail. So let's see if this makes more sense. Shouldn't your success be gauged by whether or not YOU feel you have met your goals? Shouldn't your financial status be based on what you feel is comfortable for you? Shouldn't your happiness be gauged by what makes YOU happy? And yes, let's not forget romance. Shouldn't your romance be gauged by your standards? How we perceive our worth should be by standards we set for ourselves, rather than those set by others. Something to think about. The Soul In Our Hearts is available for purchase at many online sources now. The official launch is July 14th. Get in on the early sales now. Who Are The Heroes is due for release in three weeks if we stay on schedule. You can go to my website which can get you direct links to the book on major sites. Driving forces.

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