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Excerpt from WHO ARE THE HEROES ....

Here is a short excerpt from Who Are The Heroes. A tribute to all heroes. Fire, Police, EMS, Military, Doctors, Nurses and more. Learn about all aspects f heroes. The things you are never told. Opinions, perceptions, what makes a hero a hero? How we are misled. Learn about it all. he books can be purchased by clicking this link.

"A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. The reality is, as the word is used, we call all of these people heroes. I am not saying that’s wrong. People’s perceptions or opinions are what matters. When it comes to an opinion, there is no right or wrong. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. Do any of you remember the days of the Vietnam War? A war that our citizens did not want? Our military wasn’t called heroes than. They were frowned upon by many. There were sit in’s, protests, everyone was into peace and love, not war. Drugs like grass, hash oil, grass laced with hash oil, tabs of acid were the in thing. Remember the term hippies, conscientious objectors? There was a great controversy about our military soldiers at the time. Frankly, they did not get the support from the American people they deserved and earned. The word hero, was not used as it is today. What does all this mean? This only means what I expressed earlier. It’s about how we as people perceive it. And since the world is made up of mostly followers, that perception could be wide spread. "

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