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It takes a great deal of time to decide what I want to write about. One of my favorite books is Who Are The Heroes. It is the real life truth about heroes. A truth we see and hear about every day. It is a topic that will never die. It is not a "for the moment thing." It is displayed every day by every one of us when a situation arises that causes us to act. Las Vegas is just another sad example of this. But we forget there are many heroes that react to many situations. This is why this book is a tribute to them all. There is much scientific based evidence as to why these tragedies occur. There will always be those that have a sickness, and that's what it is, a sickness, that will want them to out do what's been done in the past. It is great to be informed, we must be informed, but during that process it should not be over done to the point that these individuals who have this sickness look at it as a way to become known. Become a legend. Their perception of what they are doing is very different than that of society as a whole. When we over expose these events, are we just adding fuel to their fire? Where does the media draw the line? I don't claim to have that answer. However, it can't be denied that it is part of the physiological profile of these people who perform these acts of EVIL. It is pure evil. I will tell you this. Gun control will not fix this. Data shows that over 80% of guns used in these types of occurrences were obtained illegally. Gun control will not fix or change that. The other issue is these people with these illnesses that slip through the system. Gun control can filter them out of the legal gun system, but only if those controls are tightened. But they can still obtain illegal weapons. So what is the answer? There is not just one, there are many aspects, but they all have one thing in common. Controlling crime. This is very expensive and as much as most people are appalled at these events, they are more appalled when taxes go up. Is there a happy medium? Just some things to think about. I am proud to have written this book about all heroes. that is a subject that will never change.

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