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Excerpt from Balancing The Scale

Balancing the scale was just released. It discusses time, life and balance. Two types of time. One you don't even know exists, which has the greatest control of your life. Life balance. Nothing could be in total balance unless each individual sum of the whole is in balance. And life. The truth and reality. Real stories, real people, real situations. Here's an excerpt from the book. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to browse my website,


It is all about you, but not in a selfish way. I responded to a call for domestic violence one night. When we arrived the husband was in police custody and handcuffed. The woman had a split lip, fractured forearm, swollen eyes, and various cuts and bruises. Some which you could tell were inflicted at an earlier time and were still healing. I thought to myself, if she clearly has previous injuries, what the heck was he still doing living there. So this could happen to her again? She was insecure, didn’t feel like she could make it on her own, and did nothing about it. Where is her balance in life? She has none. Does it sound like eventually this could lead to something worse? Let me show you how.

On another occasion, I responded to a women that fell down a flight of stairs. We were three blocks from the call. When I arrived, I found a woman in her late 30’s at the bottom of the stairs, as dead as dead can be. She had multiple old bruises on her that were still in the healing process. This is easy to tell by their color. There was a history of domestic violence complaints at this home in the past. The husband claimed he was working in the den and heard her fall. He claimed is never touched her, or moved the body, he just called 911. There’s a red flag right there. How many times have you seen a loved one get hurt where you don’t touch them?

Her head was in a position where her face was facing almost towards her back. Her neck was clearly broken. The position of her legs were side by side, and her feet were facing downward and slightly off to one side. Second red flag. Although not impossible, it’s not likely that someone would fall down a flight of stairs and land in that position. Upon examining her skin without disturbing her body, there were no visible marks of a new fall. These were not carpeted stairs. If they were, I might have expected to see some rugs burns or abrasions. Something. Since there were no signs of new injuries, the red flags were now waving high in the sky for me. Not that the Police wouldn’t have found all this out anyway, but this was my job. We’re trained to see what others don’t. Trained to see the normal as well as the abnormal, and I was very good at it. I carefully went up and down the stairs and examined the banister.

I expected to see some form of an attempt to try to use the banister to stop her fall. Again, nothing. She was barefoot. That in itself was questionable to me. Although divorced, I know after being married, most woman wear socks or slippers, especially if they walk on hardwood floors or ceramic tile because the floor is cold, and their feet get cold. I also noticed she had two broken finger nails. That could have happened in the fall, but there was no blood on the stairs or banister. Too many question here.

I took my notes, pronounced her dead because that was what I was there for. As soon as the police arrived, I knew the officer and asked to speak with him outside. I gave him a list of the things I noticed. I stated if I were you, I’d make this a crime scene. I also added, I would ask her husband to roll up his sleeves because she could have broken her nails on his arms trying to defend herself. You know, sometimes in life it just sucks to be right. As I found out a couple of weeks later when I saw the officer and asked what the deal was., he wasn’t going to tell me but informed me because I would probably get a subpoena to appear in court to testify about my findings, which I eventually did. As it turns out, they got into a fight, it became physical, he broke her neck in the struggle, than placed her at the bottom of the stairs to make it look like she fell. And you ask me, could this be a sick world at times? If your in pre-hospital emergency medicine long enough, you will see it all. Now just the good, but the horrific as well.

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